Stontex Wash Wax – Indoor Floor Tile Professional Cleaner


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Wash Wax – Available in 1 Ltr

This product was specifically designed to clean and bring a sheen on dull stone or tile floors. It can be used on various surfaces including terracotta, travertine, limestone and natural stone. Not suitable for already polished tiles in this case use our Multi Clean everyday cleaner.


Application Instructions

Dilute with water as per instructions and mop area with the solution as you would normally clean the floor. When the floor is dry it will have a sheen from the added sealer in this cleaning product.


  • Brings dull looking floors back to life
  • Cleans and protects in one wash
  • Coverage rate 20 TO 40sqm per litre depending on porosity of the floor surface


Associated Products

For extremely dirty floors then firstly deep clean with our Heavy Duty Grime Remover cleaner then seal the floor with our Rapid Dry Stone Sealer on natural stone tiles or for ceramic / porcelain tiles use our Porcelain Protector. After the floor has been deep cleaned and sealed then use this Wax Wash as your ongoing maintenance cleaner.


Stontex wash wax cleans and brings a shine up on all dull and dirty floors. This cleaner can be used on a multiple of surfaces ideal for terracotta, travertine, limestone and all types of natural stone to rejuvenate and renew the surface.

A professional cleaner to bring up a shine on dull floors, once you have used you will not go back to anything else, the finish is outstanding.


Dilute with water and apply with a mop – just as if washing a floor.

  • Brings dull looking floors back to life
  • Cleans and protects with one wash


Stontex Wash Wax – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View


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