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Step Safe 1L

This is a professional grade acidic product that will etch into the surface of the stone or tile. It can be used on various surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone floors and baths/showers. Do not however use on marble, limestone or concrete floors as these materials are acid sensitive, consult our technical sales department for advice on anti-slip treatments for these materials. It will provide a long term anti slip protection once cleaned regularly using our Heavy Duty Grime Remover, this cleaner will ensure that the pores on the surface of the treated material are properly clean to ensure optimum performance of the Step Safe product

Application Instructions

Make sure the area is dust free before application and test on a sample area before application on the whole floor. This way you will know how heavy or light the application needs to be to obtain the desired slip resistance required. Always apply neat with a sponge or roller onto a dry surface and allow to swell for no more than five minutes. It is very important to then apply copious amounts of clean water to neutralise the treatment and then mop dry or use a wet vacuum.


  • Permanently improves the slip resistance on wet floors
  • Easy to apply and maintain the surface and performance of treatment.
  • Coverage rate 15 to 25sqm per litre depending on the porosity of the material


Associated Products

If you wish to apply a sealer to give added protection against staining going forward then apply the Step safe product first. Once the anti-slip treatment is applied completely neutralised with water and the floor is fully dry apply our Rapid Dry Stone Sealer on natural stone tiles or for ceramic / porcelain tiles use our Porcelain Protector. To ensure that the slip resistance is performing to its optimum then use our Heavy Duty Grime Remover for ongoing cleaning of your Step safe treated floor whether it is sealed or unsealed.

Permanent anti-slip treatment for tiles and floors.

New technology in anti-slip treatments easy application suitable for natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles and floors increases the slip resistance by creating microscopic pores on the surface of the tile creating a permanent anti slip solution. Therefore permanant anti-slip treatment for tiles, a great use is for in bathrooms and shower, wet room floors.

For use internal and external.

A long term slip-fall accident protection.

Tested to BS 7976-2:20012

Acidic product that will etch into the floor.

Do not use on marble floors.

It will provide a long term anti slip protection.


Make sure the area is dust free before application and test on a sample area before using. Apply neat with a sponge or cloth. Agitate wet surface with a stiff brush and let stand for up to 10 minutes. Do not let the solution dry on the surface.

  • Improves slip resistance of wet floors
  • Long term slip fall accident protection
  • 15sqm per litre

Stontex Step Safe – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View


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