Stontex Rust Off 5 Litre – 1/2 Price Sale!

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Rust Off – Available in 5 Ltr

Stontex rust remover is ph neutral and is suitable for cleaning all types of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Ideal on driveways and patios.

Removes rust and rust discolouration from acid sensitive stone.

Suitable for all internal and external use.

The results are amazing, acts very quickly and clears all.

New improved Gel Formula.

Rust Off is the professional, ready to use product which will rid rust from natural stone. Specially formulated it will dissolve rust stains which have been left by garden furniture, leaking heating systems and fertilizers. Straight from the bottle it will work instantly in removing these stubborn stains.

Application Instructions

As always, best to test prior to using. Apply the undiluted product to the dry surface and spread using a brush. You will notice a purple discolouration which will be the start of the reaction. Allow the Rust Off to work for 5-10 minutes but no longer. Do not allow the product to dry. After this period rinse away the Rust Off with clean water. Repeat process if stubborn stains.


. Ready to use

. Fast acting results


STONTEX RUST OFF – how to apply, use and remove stains from natural stone, just watch the video below:-



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