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Stone Rejuvenator Spray (500ml)

This product is used to clean and protect kitchen worktop surfaces like marble, granite, polished concrete and also quartz. It has been specially formulated for countertops as it is food contact safe solution with a polishing agent to provide a streak free clean surface. Our spray also contains a little diluted sealer to enhance the stain resistance of the factory sealed surface. It is very easy to use care kit in a simple trigger spray bottle.


Application Instructions

Simply sprays directly onto the worktop surface allow dwelling for a few minutes to break down any contaminants on the surface and then polish dry with a micro fibre cloth. It can be used as an everyday cleaner but we would recommend to use at least once a week to keep your worktop looking its best and with optimum protection from stains. This cleaner is also very effective at removing surface stains and has a fresh lemon scent and anti-bacterial cleaning properties.


  • Lemon fragrance rejuvenating worktop cleaner
  • Cleans and protects worktop surfaces i.e. natural stone and quartz.
  • Easy to use trigger spray bottle
  • Food contact safe technology


Associated Products

Ensure your natural stone / polished concrete counter top has been pre sealed already if in doubt apply our Premium Rapid Dry Stone Sealer long lasting penetrating sealer with no colour change to the material.


Stontex Rejuvenater  Spray – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View


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