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Stontex Porcelain Sealer 1L and 5L

  • Low maintenance finish with excellent stain and scratch resistance.
  • Low odour water based formula enhances natural colours.
  • Suitable for both internal and externa; porcelain tiling.
  • Quick and easy to apply with a durable long life sheen.
  • Available in 1L and 5L bottles.
  • Only requires a single application.
  • Safe water based formula.
  • UV resistant 100% breathable.


Coverage: 15-25sqm/Litre (Coverage will vary depending on surface texture and porosity)

Stontex Porcelain Sealer – is a ready to use, quick drying and easy to apply formulae protecting against oil and water based stains whilst enhancing the finish and leaving an easy to clean surface. It is a fully breathable nano – coating that is highly durable and can be applied internally and externally.

Please note: Not recommended for use on highly polished surfaces.

Directions for use: 

  • Always perform a test in a inconspicuous area to check suitability of product, prior to use – read these instructions fully before application.
  • Before application make sure the surface is completely dry, clean and free from debris.
  • Apply single coat very thinly and evenly with a micro fibre cloth, paint pad or flat mop, taking care not to leave application marks or allowing the product to puddle on the surface. Aim to achieve a consistent, wet film across the surface of the tiles.
  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours drying time before carefully walking onto the sealed surface. For best results leave overnight drying before moving furniture back onto the area.
  • Externally, do not proceed with application if rain is forecast within 8 hours of the sealing process.

Maintenance: Clean treated areas with Stontex Green to Clean – no need to scrub or power wash, simply spray and walk away. Do not use pressure washing apparatus or harsh abrasive cleaning agents as this can have a negative effect on the treated surface.

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Stontex Porcelain Sealer

1L, 5L


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