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Limex – Available in 500 ml

Stontex limex removes limescale and water marks from shower cubicles and other surfaces. Suitable for: ceramic and porcelain tiles. Ideal for shower doors, all taps and bathroom, kitchen areas it leaves a resistant coating behind to help prevent further staining.

Not recommended for us on acid sensitive natural stone, for example marble, limestone.

Stontex Limex is the market leader in dissolving and removal of limescale. Their formulas will also prevent the return of limescale to the areas treated. It will leave a long lasting shine and removes watermarks as well.

Limex can be used on various areas such shower cubicles, plastic baths, worktops, draining boards, washbasins and toilets. Do not able on marble or other types of natural stone and non acid resistance surfaces.

Application Instructions

Spray directly on the surface and allow time for the product work. The rinse off or remove with a damp cloth. If the stain is stubborn, simply leave to work longer.


. Removes limescale and watermarks

. Long lasting shine

. Ideal product for use in kitchens and bathrooms


Stontex Limex – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View


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