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Grout 2 New – Available In 237ml & 7 Colours

This is a unique tile grout colour restoration product it basically re-colours and also seals existing/new grout lines. It is available in six colours ie White, Ivory, Standard Grey, Beige, Dark Brown and Black. This treatment penetrates into the grout restoring the original or even changing the existing colour of the grout. It also has the added benefit of enhancing the stain resistant properties of the grout providing long lasting protection as well. This is a professional grade formula it doesn’t just sit on the surface of the grout like many DIY type products but penetrates deep into the grout to give long lasting colour enhancement and stain protection.


Application Instructions

To apply use a toothbrush or small brush and apply directly onto the grout lines, important to ensure that the grout is as clean as possible prior to application ref associated product section below. Allow the treatment to dwell on the surface of the grout for about 10 mins to ensure it penetrates as deep as possible for maximum effectiveness. Then wipe any residue from the ceramic or porcelain tile using a little Multi Clean on a clean cloth. If you are going to use this product around the grout lines of natural stone tiles it is imperative that these natural stone tiles are sealed properly prior to application use our Rapid Dry Stone Sealer if you are not sure and it is advisable that you take extra care when applying the treatment around natural stone tiles.


  • Unique formula that re colours and stain protects the grout.
  • Makes the grout lines easier to clean and maintain
  • Coverage rate up to 30 linear meters depending on width of the grout lines.


Associated Products

It is important to ensure your grout is properly clean and the pores of the grout open prior to application of the treatment use our Grout 2 New Pre-Treat Cleaner for this purpose. If your room is not very well ventilated then you may get mould growing on your grout / tiles use our Mould Away to remove this staining without effecting the performance of the Grout 2 New treatment. Having your grout treated with Grout 2 New will inhibit stains from penetrating deep into your grout making ongoing maintenance much easier

Innovative product that re-colours and seals existing and new grout, it impregnates deep into the grout for long lasting protecting. Brings your tired grout back looking like new again, high performance finish, always.

The highest quality colour sealer for all internal grout, bathrooms, showers, baths, kitchens etc. Used by all serious contractors in the UK, the best finish and the highest protection against wear and mould.

Very simple to use, with oustanding results, professional use.

Re-colours and seals existing/new grout. It will impregnate into the grout to provide lasting protection.

Application Instructions

To apply use a toothbrush or small brush. Once dry any excess can be removed from tiles.

Comes in the following colours:-

  • White
  • Ivory
  • Sandstone/Beige
  • Standard Grey
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Use Stontex Grout 2 New Pre-Treat Cleaner prior to use to get the best finish.

Stontex Grout 2 New – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View

Additional information

Grout 2 New

White, Standard Grey, Ivory, Sandstone/Beige, Dark Brown, Black


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