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Grout 2 New Pre Treat Cleaner – 500ml from Stontex professional DIY products.

This is a special cleaner to use before applying the Grout 2 New treatment product.  When applied correctly it will both clean and open up the pores of the existing grout helping the Grout 2 New penetrate deep into the grout for maximum long lasing protection. This product is slightly acidic so ensure you wear gloves and be extra careful when using around acidic sensitive material like natural stone tiles.


Application Instructions

Apply directly onto the grout lines and agitate with a soft bristle brush ie nail brush / tooth brush, allow to dwell on the surface of the grout for about 5 mins and then wash thoroughly with clean water. Once grout is clean and dry you are ready to apply the Grout 2 New re-colouring treatment.


  • Unique formula both cleans and open the pores of the grout.
  • Easy to apply trigger spray bottle.
  • Safe to use acidic formula that neutralises immediately on contact with water.


Associated Products

Specially created as a preparation cleaner prior to application of our unique re-colouring treatment Grout 2 New for long lasting colour fast and stain protection.

Use before all Grout 2 New products for fantastic improved results.

Easily removes stubborn staining from wall and floor grout joints.

Suitable for use around plastic and enamel baths and showers.

Fast, effective results.

Special pre-treat cleaner before the applicationof our Grout 2 New colour sealers (7 colours). Cleans the old tired grout, removes dirt and mould and opens the pores of the grout helping and assisting the colour sealer to penetrate deep into the grout for maximum long lasting protection.

Comes in a spray bottle for easy use.

  • Long last protection



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