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Stontex green to clean out door professional cleaner is available in 5 Ltr.

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner with self cleaning innovative technology. Simply dilute with water and spray or pour onto any pourous building material ie patio, driveways, wooden garden furniture, natural stone, concrete, render, timber decking, brick, tramac and walls.

`Ideally use when the material is dry for best results with no rain forcast for about 6 six hours after the treatment, then be amazed within a few days, all your green and red algae stains will disappear and the product remains active for up to 9 months.

No need to power wash your driveway anymore, just apply and walk away.

It is a biodegradable fast acting stain remover for algae, moss and litchen. For use on all external patios and driveways. It is a commercial strength high quality cleaner that dilutes for extended coverage.

Just pour on and leave, it works all on its own, no scrubbing and the results are oustanding.

A must try!

Further information below:-

This professional standard and environmentally friendly cleaning product. Specialising in the removal of mircobiological products such as moss, algae mould and fungi from hard, external surfaces such as driveways and monoblocking. Protecting your area for up to 9 months, no more power washing your drive. Great to use before easy joint or even after to look after your new patio.

Application Instructions

Always use gloves and protective clothing when using this product. For very soiled areas apply undiluted, for general cleaning dilute 1 to 1 with water. Next agitate with a soft bristle brush and allow to dwell on the surface for 20 to 30 minutes. Next wash residue with plenty of clean cold or warm water and allow the surface to dry you can use a power washer if you wish but a hose will do the job also as the cleaner itself does all the work drawing all the stains out of the material.


  • Suitable for DIY and Professional use.
  • Specialist for the removal of algae, moss, lichen, fungi, mould, bacteria and viruses.
  • Coverage rate up to 25sqm per litre
  • For use on external surfaces only.


Associated Products

Once your surface is clean and dry then it would always be recommended to seal your material. If it is natural stone or stone effect paving then use either Stontex Rapid Dry for a natural matt finish or Stontex Colour Intensifier for a wet look finish. If the material in question is concrete block paving then use our Stontex Paver Plus and if its porcelain paving / tiles then use our Stontex Porcelain Protector. After treating with a sealer use the appropriate ongoing maintenance cleaner recommended.


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