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Facade Pro 500 – Available in 25Ltr

Stontex Façade Pro500 25L

This product was formulated specifically for natural stone, brick and coloured render used to treat vertical external cladding / facades. It is a very effective fast drying, fully breathable and invisible treatment for external vertical cladding.  Façade Pro 500 will not change the colour or look of your material it is a professional grade high performance penetrating hydrophobic treatment for exterior cladding. Basically it keeps the driving rain from penetrating through the outer leaf cladding solution i.e. stone, brick or render.

The thermal properties of your building are thereby greatly improved resulting in energy retention and thereby saving as well as protecting the cladding material from UV and weather damage. Ongoing maintenance and cleaning is much easier no need for aggressive power washing simply spray our Green to Clean onto your treated cladding once or twice a year for hassle-free clean cladding.

Commercial grade vertical façade sealer for porous building material specifically render, including coloured renders and brick facades. Natural look treatment, weather and UV resistant properties. Available in 25L drums only as used predominantly by the trade on commercial and domestic façade projects.

Benefits Stontex Façade Pro500 25L

  • Provides a natural matt look finish with super water resistance properties
  • Suitable for most external vertical cladding stone, brick and render.
  • Coverage rate up to 3 to 5sqm per litre depending on porosity of the material
  • Breathable treatment that will not trap moisture in the treated material

Where to Use
Used on porous vertical brick and render façades.



Application & Time High performance long lasting treatment for brick and render facades makes ongoing maintenance much easier and keeps the material looking its best long into the future by slowing down the natural weathering of the treated material.
One coat spray application using a pump spray or knapsack sprayer. Saturate the porous material with one even coat. Natural look finish when cured. Ensure material is clean and dry prior to application.
Equipment Knapsack or pump sprayer for even consistent application.
Coverage Rate Average 6sqm per litre on brick and or render façade material.
Cautions Do not apply on dense / polished or smooth surfaces only on porous brick and render material.
Coverage Approximately 150m² per tub


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