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Aerosol Spray Sealer (600ml)

This product was developed as a DIY spray sealer, ideal for sealing grout lines for tiles, walls and floors. We have formulated this product to a professional grade specification so it can be applied to the material even if it is slightly damp. This product is very well received by the trade as a tiler can seal soon after grouting even if the grout is not fully dry thereby protecting the freshly grouted tiles from staining straight away.


Application Instructions

Spray directly on to grout and even if it over applied onto the tiles this sealer will not change the look of the material. A unique feature of this product is that it can also be applied even if the grout is damp.

  • Easy application pressurised container.
  • Unique moisture tolerant formulation.
  • Non yellowing, deep penetrating sealer
  • Breathable treatment that will not trap moisture in the treated material.


Associated Products

Prior to sealing your grout if your grout has any mould staining then you can clean the grout lines with our Mould Away spray cleaner. For ongoing maintenance use our Multi Clean dilutes 1 to 50 with warm water in your steam cleaner or a capful in a basin.


Stonex DIY spray sealer ideal for sealing grout lines for tiles and tiles, walls and floors. Provides long term protection, is non-yellowing and won’t change the appearance of the applied surface. Can be applied to damp grout immediately after installation.

An oustanding product will a well recomended finish, protects from mould long term. Ideal for use in all small wet areas for example splash backs, showers, bathrooms.

A must for professional installation of bathrooms/kitchens.

Application Instructions

Spray on to grout areas, can be applied to damp grout immediately

  • Moisture tolerance
  • Non yellowing

Coverage – Up to 30 sqm of grout lines depending on the width of the joint

Stontex Aersol Spray Sealer – Data Sheet – Click Here To Download/View


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