Stontex Adhesives – Multi Purpose High Quality Adhesives – Various Colours -TO CLEAR!

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MSP 600 Adhesives In 8 Colours – Available in 290ml

High performance, best in the market, gun grade mastic and adhesive, colour matched to your job in hand. Professional finish, oustanding results. This mastic has been developed for natural stone exterior and interior projects. Excellent as a jointing solution colour matched to the specific natural stone. Stain resistant, will not shrink or sag and joints will stay permantently flexible, is also an extremely good adhesive, high initial grab will stick virtually anything to anything.

Comes in the following colours:-

Clear Crystal 290ml

White Carrera 290ml

Ivory Marfil 290ml

Blue Limestone 290ml

Silver/Grey Granite 290ml

Brown Emperador 290ml

Black Basalt 290ml

Grey Concrete 290ml

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A proffesional product with an oustanding finish, better and easier to use than tec 7 and ct 1

Further information below:-

This market leading elastic adhesive is durable and fast curing. It has been formulated for the bonding of most building materials including stone, concrete, brink, alumimmum, steel and copper. It can be both used externally and internally, plus the added value of being stain resistant and permanently flexible.


Application Instructions

Always make sure the material being joined are clean and dust free. Apply the product with the supplied nozzle in strips or dots on the areas to be joined. Please note strips must be applied in veritcal rows, parallel to each other.


  • Suitable for DIY and Professional use.
  • Excellent strength
  • Can bond to slightly damp surfaces

.         U.V and water resistant

.         Will not cause corrosion to metal joints


Associated Products

Once your surface is clean and dry then it would always be recommended to seal your material. If it is natural stone or stone effect paving / cladding then use either Rapid Dry Stone Sealer for a natural matt finish or Colour Intensifier for a wet look finish.

For ongoing maintenance on external surfaces use our Green to Clean product no need for constant power washing just spray and walk away. The active enzyme contained in Green to Clean keeps working for up to 9 months inhibiting the organic stains for reforming on the surface.

For ongoing maintenance  on internal surfaces use our Multi Clean dilutes 1 to 50 with warm water in your steam cleaner or a capful in your mop bucket.

Additional information

Stontex MSP 600

White Carrera, Ivory Marfil, Blue Limestone, Silver/Grey Granite, Brown Emperador, Black Basalt, Grey Concrete, Clear Crystal


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