Nexus PaveCare Pre-Grout™ Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer – 5 Litre


A Nexus Paving Systems new product for 2022!

Assists in the reduction of of resin sheen and staining

Water – based – can be used all year round


Nexus PaveCare Pre-Grout™ Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer – 5 litre


Pre-Grout™ Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer

An invisible water-based pre-grout treatment for all types of porcelain, natural stone or concrete paving.

The invisible PaveCareTM Pre-GroutTM Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer is a high quality, pre-grout treatment designed to help with grout or jointing compound release, which minimises the risk of resin sheen or grout haze following the grouting of paving.

Suitable for use with any ProJointTM jointing products, this sealer should be applied once paving has been firmly laid in position upon a suitable bedding area.


  • Professional strength pre-grout sealer treatment
  • Assists in reducing resin sheen and grout haze
  • Water-based – can be used all year round
  • High coverage rate (stone up to 15m2 per litre, porcelain up to 30m2 per litre)
  • Ideal for all types of textured porcelain tile surfaces, or natural stone
  • Suitable for use with all ProJoint grouting products

Available in 1L or 5L containers

The Pre-Grout Stone & Porcelain Paving Sealer can also be used once any grouting has been completed, and is fully cured, to protect the paving and aid with the removal of stains and dirt from organic matter.

Application: (full instructions are printed on each container)

The PaveCare Pre-Grout Stone and Porcelain Paving Sealer ids designed as an invisible coating but may darken very light surfaces slightly – as with all sealants, test on a small inconspicuous area before full application.

Supplied ready to use The PaveCare Stone and Porcelain paving Sealer is simple to apply to clean paving with a surface temperature of 5 deg C to 25 deg C.

  1. Shake the container well
  2. Apply a complete and even coat over the whole surface of the paving using a brush, roller or spray, ensuring any excess is removed.
  3. Allow to dry for 30 minutes
  4. Apply a second even coat and leave to cure (around 1 hour depending on temperature).


Pregrout & Pro-820 ECO launch November 2021 leaflet – CLICK HERE


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