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How To Use Jointex

Please note that we offer significant discount on bulk purchases of our Jointex Easy Jointing Mortar in Sand Stone Grey, Price matching available:

Jointex sand stone grey jointing mortar is just the material you need to finish up your patio or outdoor seating area to make it look great and to keep it from needing any further maintenance for a very long time. Spring will be here before you know it, and you will want to invite your friends for an outdoor barbecue and show off your newly finished patio. This is just the jointing compound you need for a streamlined and hassle-free DIY experience.

If you have ever tried to build a patio before, you have probably discovered that most types of patio grout have to be mixed, and these jointing compounds can be extremely fiddly and frustrating to deal with. Jointex comes already mixed, so that means that you don’t have to deal with the hassles of hauling around big bags of cement or trying to get the mixture to the right proportion and ending up with grout that is too watery or too sticky to be of any use.

We sell in 15kg containers. Since all but the smallest projects require more than 15kg of jointing compound, all orders are sold with a vat for combing the containers of mortar. The reason for selling the mortar in containers of 15kg is that they are light enough that one person can easily carry one a considerable distance or stack them on a dolly or cart. The unit price decreases as the number of containers you buy increases. Prices are listed on our site for orders of up to 15 containers. Call us about special prices for orders of 16 containers or more.

The choice of sand stone grey as the colour of our jointing mortar was also a deliberate one. This matches well with most outdoor patio materials that require grout. Whether your patio is made of small stones of various shades of grey, the product blends in well and  will look unobtrusive. Likewise, if your patio or outdoor seating area is made of granite, the this will match well with it. It is affordably priced and easy to use, perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Order some of our mortar today, and have your outdoor patio ready for your guests very quickly indeed.


No Mixing

The product comes ready mixed, so there is no messing trying to get the right consistency, nor heavy lifting of sand and cement like traditional grouts, so simple.

The finish is also truly professional and the compound is straight forward to apply to your existing patio. Just ensure you clean out any current mortar as best as possible to provide a good, clean finish.

This compound will really transform your outside seating areas. Please make sure you estimate accurately how much Jointex you need.

A well finished patio will be a delight for yourself and family and friends. Imagine your evening BBQ with a perfectly finished patio, no unsightly weeds growing through the joints and a perfect, professional grouted finish between you patio slabs. Its worth spending the extra time while laying a patio to get the perfect finish! Use Jointex, the best patio grout to take the strain out of your new patio installation.

Sandstone grey matches perfectly with a range of slabs and paving from grey through to granite slabs. Match the perfect colour grout to you chosen flags for an eye catching finish.

15+ – Please call 0800 118 5141 For Pricing

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Weight 15 kg
Jointex Easy - Sand Stone Grey

1 x 15Kg, 2 x 15Kg, 3 x 15Kg, 4 x 15Kg, 5 x 15Kg, 6 x 15Kg, 7 x 15Kg


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