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How To Use Jointex

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Also available in 25Kg Tubs.

Jointex is jointing mortar that can help you to achieve the perfect look for your patio or other paved space. You can use this alongside your other patio materials to create a colour match and a style that suits your property. There are three colours available, all equally beautiful and fitting for a variety of styles.

Using is easy. The mortar lays easily and produces high quality results. Your patio will stay in place for years to come without any major issues getting in the way. There is no need for expert experience and knowledge to use this mortar on your property. It is a reliable, straightforward, and high quality product for all paved spaces.

Jointex Easy 15kg Neutral

Does your patio or walkway need to be renovated? Is it looking a little weathered and cracked? Or are you planning the patio of your dreams? You can count on Jointex Neutral to add a beautiful and professional finish to your patio. Many types of jointing mortars dry up and crack very quickly, not able to withstand the elements or the course of time. Not this one though! This mortar is a good medium between the hardiness of cement and the versatility of drywall, it can withstand the temperatures and still maintain its beautiful finish. Jointex jointing mortar comes in three beautiful colours (neutral, stone grey, and basalt) so you can easily colour match it to your patio for a lovely variety of styles.

We offer a speedy delivery, as fast as overnight! If your project just cannot wait, you don’t have to. We are known as the UK and Europe’s #1, so fear not when purchasing this reliable product. 15Kg Neutral is simple enough that even someone with beginner knowledge can use it with ease, so have no fear if this is your first time setting up a patio. Jointex is very easy to use. This jointing mortar is worth its weight in gold, it’s versatile, simple, and hardy. It is recommended to use on a newer patio or a patio that the joints have been cleaned, so the mortar sticks better and can stay longer. It is also recommended that it is used on a patio or a horizontal surface and not a vertical surface, as it is a dryer material and will not stick as well if it is vertical. Using our product will secure your patio staying polished for years to come.

Once your Jointex has been opened, it will begin to cure because of its exposure to air. You will need to wet the area you are planning on covering to avoid possible staining (no worries, if there is a stain it should go away in a small amount of time). Spread the jointing mortar out evenly on the desired area, you should use either a soft brush or a squeegee to ensure that it really is spread evenly. Once you are certain the joints are filled, remove any excess that is left over. You can give a very light hosing once it’s spread out but this is not required and you want to be very careful about any drainage. Make sure to give your Jointex between 20 to 30 hours to finish curing. Once it’s finished, hose off the area and brush off the excess.


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Weight 15 kg
Jointex Easy - Neutral

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