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You are probably getting tired of the grey winters of England and are ready to plan a spring garden party. You are almost ready to spring into action for the party. Your new patio is almost ready for a barbecue, and your new outdoor walkway is almost ready to lead them to it. All it needs is grout, but grouting a patio or walkway can be a very arduous process, even for the most seasoned of DIY veterans.

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Jointex jointing mortar makes the process easy. Most of the time, when you buy jointing mortar, you have to mix it yourself, and getting it to be the right consistency, not too watery but not too firm, is no simple task. Our products come already mixed, however, so you do not have to worry about that part of the process when you choose ours. Basalt is just one of the colours of jointing material from which you can choose; other choices include neutral and sand stone grey. Basalt is an attractive colour for the patio grout. Naturally occurring basalt can be an astonishing sight. If you have ever seen the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, that is an example of what natural basalt does when left to its own devices, fantastic.

Jointex basalt jointing mortar makes it easy for you to finish grouting your patio. The process takes only two days from start to finish. First, power wash the patio and make sure that there is no debris remaining in the joints. The ideal size for joints is a maximum of 20mm deep and 6mm wide. Wet the patio and then, as soon as you open the package of Jointex, spread it out evenly over the patio. Use a brush or Squeegee to fill in the joints and then wipe away the jointing mortar from the rest of the patio. Wait 20 minutes and then spray the joints gently with a hose to make sure that they are full. Then just wait 30 hours for the grout to dry completely. It is such a quick process that you could get started with it on Friday morning in order to be ready for a garden party on Saturday night.

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Jointex Easy - Basalt

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