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Joint It | 20kg | Free Overnight Delivery


Joint-It Simple – Extra Large 20kg  Tub – BLACK

Simply the best – Ready to use paving jointing mortar, ideal for jointing paving slabs, cobbles and natural stone. Rain or shine Joint-It goes in fine.

Ready to use from the tub, no mixing, no second part to stir in, just open and use, simply brush in.

  • Outstanding finish
  • So simple to use, can be used in all weathers
  • Large tub, 20kg, most others are either only 12.5kg or 15kg
  • Very competitively priced
  • Suitable for driveways up to 3 tonne lading
  • Stops weed growth
  • Permeable to assist with drainage
  • Totally cement free, non staining at all
  • Starts to harden within 4 hours, can be walked in within 24 hours
  • Frost resistant
  • Made in Ireland

Available in 3 colours:- BLACK ARRIVING SOON!!!





The amount to use depends on the depth, width and length of the joints along with the size of the paving slab, rule of thumb for a standard paving slab is roughly 12sqm per 15kg of Joint It Simple. Usually best to order slightly more so you do not run out during the job in hand. Any sealed unused tubs can be returned to us for a refund if no longer required. Do not worry if you do run out during a job, we can get a further delivery to you quickly, orders before 1pm weekdays and delivered the next day.


How to use Joint-It Simple, watch the video below for assistance and follow the instructions below and on the outside of each tub:-



Download How To Use Joint It Simple Guide – CLICK HERE

How Much Is Required – CLICK HERE

Easy follow instructions below, just follows these simple 6 easy steps:-

Joint-It Simple –  is a ready-mixed, permeable, jointing compound that can be applied in all weathers.

Joint-It Simple – can be applied to concrete paving slabs, cobbles, and natural stones including – Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Concrete Slabs, Yorkstone, and Porcelain tiles.

1. Prepare The Area

Preparation:- Make sure all joints are totally clear of any form of dirt, especially oil, grease and remove any loose debris/old jointing mortar or large particles.

Ensure the joints, all of the joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 20mm and a width of at least 3mm up to 25mm is recommended.



2. Soak and Pre-wet The Area

Soak the area well, using a hose gun and outside tap, before opening the sealed bag and spreading around. Once the bag is open the jointing compound starts to cure and go off, hence do not open until ready to use.

3. Pour On The Jointing Compound

Remove the lid, open the sealed bag inside and straight away pour onto the patio, driveway area, spread over as evenely as possible

4. Spread and Work It The Compound

Using a brush, ideally a squeegee is easier (we stock if required), spread around evenly, do not worry about how tidy it looks at this point. No staining so not a problem if all across the pavers etc.

Push around and work into the joints, ensure that it all goes into each of the joints deeply and is well compacted, no need to trowel in, however a fine pointing trowel is useful in some areas. Again we stock oa range of these if required.

5. Use More Water

It is now best to apply some more water via the hose gun, gently and no need to apply too much, just enough to wet the ground, this helps with the jointing mortar flow into the joints.

Push diagonally over each of the joints to be sure that Joint-It Simple has penetrated everywhere you require.

6. Nearly There, Final Clean Time

Brush away and clean the slabs thoroughly and carefully using a  with a fine brush (24″ version is good for this), ensuring all of the excess Joint It is removed.

As before, sweep with the brush diagonally across the all of the joints carefully. If anything is left behind after this or residual material,  you can sweep away afterwards using a soft brush, it is worth giving the broom a quick clean, wip over, before doing this. Watch the application video above again before first using, this is a really helpful guide.


Safety Points and Information From The Manufacturer

  • Keep Joint-It Simple away from children.
  • Take care not to brush Joint-It Simple out of joints and into nearby drains as the product will harden within 30 minutes after opening.
  • Once opened, Joint-It Simple must be used within 4 hours.
  • If you get Joint-It Simple on your skin – brush off loose particles and rinse skin with water.
  • If you get Joint-It Simple in your eyes – rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If wearing contact lenses, remove the lenses before rinsing.
  • If further medical attention is required take the tub, or a photo of the ingredients from the tub, with you.

For any further assistance please do call our helpline on 0800 118 5141 or email via the contact us link at the top of the page.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Joint It - Black

1 x 20Kg, 2 x 20Kg, 3 x 20Kg, 4 x 20Kg, 5 x 20Kg, 6 x 20Kg, 7 x 20Kg


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