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Quick Lawn with Accelerator

The best all-round mix that money can buy!


Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1.5kg and 5kg cartons, also in 10kg or 20kg bags.


Quick Lawn is the best all-round mixture using only top varieties of Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass and Creeping Red Fescues. Combining super fine leaved appearance with excellent wear, shade and drought tolerance. Quick Lawn is treated with accelerator, resulting in up to 38% more grass plants in the first seven days – getting lawns off to a flying start. Accelerator treated Quick Lawn is child and pet friendly.


Quick Lawn is rapid to establish, tolerant to wear, shade and drought and has a superb appearance with less mowing! Can be used for new lawns, overseeding and patching.



All bulk lawn seed is packed in polypropylene laminate bags. These bags have been specially designed and manufactured to improve durability and protect against damage in transit.


  • With Green Lawn and Accelerator Technology
  • 250g Carton Covers up to 10 Square Metres
  • 500g Carton Covers up to 20 Square Metres
  • 5KG Carton Covers up to 60 Square Metres
  • 5KG Box Covers up to 200 Square Meters
  • Also Available in 10KG and 20KG Bags



Quick Lawn with Accelerator-treated seed offers three key benefits: rapid germination, faster lawn establishment and requires just a third of the amount of water that’s usually needed for lawn establishment. The result is a strong, thick, healthy lawn – even in cold or wet conditions.


Suitable for creating a new lawn from scratch or for overseeding, the unique Accelerator treatment contains a wetting agent that speeds up the absorption of water by helping it to penetrate the waxy surface of a grass seed faster, spurring it into growth.


The Accelerator agents rapidly direct a carefully formulated blend of bio-stimulants in the seed coating (including seaweed extract, humic acids, amino acids, micronutrients and root developers) into the seed. Not only does this get lawns off to a flying start, but it delivers 38% more grass within the first seven days compared to non-coated seeds. Once the lawn has established, growth returns to a normal level for domestic grass.


  • 38% More Grass in the First Seven Days
  • Faster Germination and Establishment
  • Child, Pet and Environmentally Friendly
  • Uses a Formulated Blend of Bio-Stimulants


Green Lawn Technology

Green Lawn Technology amenity grasses are used by professional turf managers in leading sports stadia around the world. They are quick to establish, keep your lawn greener all year round and their increased roots mean they need less watering and fertiliser.



Resistance to Wear and Tear: ****

Speed of Establishment:*****

Fineness of Appearance:  ****

Tolerance to Drought:*****

Suitability for Shady Areas: *****

Maintenance Required:**

Germination times:
Young grass will appear within 7-14 days under good growing conditions but will take longer if the ground is cold. For best results, sow between March and October.

Sowing a new lawn step by step guide:
1. Remove weeds, stones and rubbish before sowing. Dig to a depth of 15-22cm (6-9in). Level and firm seed bed by raking then treading or light rolling.
2. If possible, leave seed bed for a few weeks and then destroy any weeds.
3. Moisten the ground, mix the seed and then scatter evenly. Sow the seed at a rate of 35g per sq. metre (1 ¼ ozs per sq yard) half from left to right, then half from top to bottom for each section. Rake lightly and firm in seed by treading or light rolling.
4. In case of dry weather use a fine spray to keep seed bed constantly moist.

Overseeding an existing lawn step by step guide:
1. Mow the lawn short then using a spring tine rake or scarifier remove the layers of dead grass or thatch. If possible, spike lawn with a hollow tine fork and brush in some topsoil to relieve any compacted areas.
2. Moisten the ground, mix the seed and then sow the seed at a rate of 25g per sq. metre (¾ ozs per sq yard), scattering evenly. Alternatively, the seed can be mixed with some topsoil and sown by hand to aid distribution and moisture retention.
3. Firm in the seed by treading or light rolling. In case of dry weather use a fine spray to keep seed bed constantly moist.
4. Ideally do not mow existing grass until new grass is growing. If a mow is necessary, raise the cutting height.


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250g – 10sqm, 500g – 20sqm, 1.5kg – 60sqm, 5kg – 200sqm, 10kg – 400sqm, 20kg – 800sqm


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