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Azpects EASYSeal The Professionals Choice Range of Cleaners and Treatments to protect natural stone, concrete paving and driveways

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EASYSeal Block & Concrete Sealer with Sand Binder BSC



EASY Seal BCS is a water-based, high grade surface sealer & sand binder for block paving & concrete. It provides a wear-resistant coating for concrete & brick surfaces and has been specially formulated for block paving, penetrating the surface and stabilising the jointing sand. Once dried, the sand and blocks are bonded together.

Using the latest technology it provides durable surface protection. On previously untreated surfaces it penetrates as well as giving a surface coating which will result in the paving having a changed appearance. This could manifest itself by giving a matt or satin sheen to the paving.

EASYSeal BCS can be used on a variety of concrete paving materials that may be used to create well-drained driveways, paths, walkways and patios.


Up to 40m²

Features And Benefits


  • High grade surface sealer & sand binder
  • Can be used on damp surfaces
  • Particularly suitable for interlocking concrete & clay blocks
  • Bonds the sand & blocks together
  • Eliminates weed growth in the joints
  • Reduces ant/insect nuisances
  • Stops loss of sand by wind & rain
  • Provides a wear resistant coating
  • Impedes algae & lichen growth
  • Surface coating withstands sensible pressure washing & detergents
  • Sand stays in the joints
  • Excellent oil & water repellent
  • Stain resistant properties
  • Resists general dirt & grime
  • Suitable for internal & external use

EASY Seal Range Comparison Chart



Brief usage instructions

  • Do not apply to natural stone. Do not apply to painted surfaces or those that have been previously treated with silicone sealants or other water repellent materials
  • Always test a small inconspicuous area before use to ensure surface compatibility, performance and finish is acceptable
  • EASYSeal BCS is best applied on a dry surface but can be used on damp (not wet) surfaces. Do not apply if there is standing water
  • Avoid applying within 24 hours of predicted rainfall
  • Shake well before use
  • Treat any efflorescence prior to application and allow a suitable length of time to elapse to ensure efflorescence does not reoccur
  • Clean any jointing sand from the surface and the bevelled edge of interlocking blocks
  • The surface must be clean and free from contamination or previously applied finishes. Remove any marks, stains or dirt from the surface because such will be permanently sealed in after application. Surfaces should be free from any mould or fungal growth, waxes or coatings
  • Protect from rain between coats and for at least 24 hours after the final coat
  • Allow at least 8 hours before foot traffic and 3 days for vehicular traffic
  • On previously untreated surfaces EASYSeal BCS penetrates as well as giving a surface coating which will result in a changed appearance. The extent of the change depends on the porosity of the material on which it is applied – anything from an absolutely matt finish to a gentle sheen or satin look
  • Keep pets away until surface is fully dry
  • Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 5℃
  1. Apply with a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer at a rate of 3m2 per litre for the first coat
  2. Work diagonally across the joints, in straight lines and in one direction. Do not allow the material to pool
  3. When working with interlocking blocks take care not to pick up any sand from the joints. Whilst not allowing the material to pool, ensure sufficient is applied to soak into the sand
  4. Apply two coats. If using a brush or roller, apply the second coat by brushing/rolling at rightangles to the previous coat at a rate of 4 – 6m2 per litre. Apply the second coat between 3 and 24 hours after the first coat is touch dry






You have eight products in your range, what makes them different?

We have a sealer comparison chart that explains at a glance what the main features of each sealer does. Each sealer has been designed to make the job of sealing easier, quicker or both.


I would like to seal my blocked paved driveway, what is the best product for this?

Ideally you should buy BCS (Block and contract), it contains a sand binder and will water proof the whole area, it is also very hard wearing. You could also consider Contract which does a similar job but in a different way, it is cheaper than BCS but will not wear as well, BCS also contains more sand binder than contract.


Have you got a sealer that will still allow the stone to breathe and won’t leave a shiny, or enhanced surface?

Yes, there is a choice of sealers. Our basic sealer is SSP, it’s very good and the most popular sealer in our range. Then there is EASYSeal Ultimate, it contains an added formula ‘Dirt Defence’ which gives the seal an added strength, that makes it harder wearing, it is also water based.


I am about to get my patio cleaned but it is looking dull, I understand you have a sealer that enhances the stone is that right?

Yes, we have two excellent colour enhancers that also seal your paving, these are suitable for most types of natural stone and have been specifically designed to treat and protect Slate, limestone and sandstone. EASYSeal Sandstone Sealer Enhancer and EASYSeal Slate & Limestone Sealer Enhancer – both are designed to impregnate the surface bringing out the natural colour and patterns in the natural stone. By incorporating the sealing and enhancing process, in one application, we have made your job easier and quicker. Unlike most other sealers, our EASYSealers can be used before jointing paving, because they are water based sealers and allow natural stone to breathe thus allowing salts and efflorescence to pass freely through the natural stone paving and wash away from the surface. Beware other sealers that can’t be applied for up to six months and can trap the salts under the surface of the sealer, leaving a horrible milky finish!


I have an exposed wall that takes an age to dry out after it rains, will your sealers work on it?

The product you need is Water Seal Plus, it contains a formula that will not only seal the brickwork preventing further penetration it actually allows trapped water within the bricks to exit. As a result it may actually increase the thermal properties of your home.


I am about to lay a new patio down, when should I seal the paving?

Where ever possible seal the paving before you joint it, the advantages are two fold, not only will you be able to seal the top and sides of the stone, giving it better protection, you will also note that it is not recommended that the paving is sealed for 4 weeks after using EASYjoint. For particularly sensitive stone such as Granite, Black Limestone & Modak we recommend all six sides of the stone are sealed. It is possible for contaminants to be drawn from the sub base into the stone and to the surface.


I have a patio that was sealed several years ago and it looks like there are trapped deposits between the stone surface and sealer. What can I do?

The old sealer that was used can’t have allowed the stone to ‘breathe’ and has trapped salt deposits under the surface of the sealer. Often salts are released from natural stone, normally within 6 months of laying new stone. Firstly you will need to remove the old sealer, you can do this with EASYCare sealer remover to expose the natural stone, it can then be cleaned and re-sealed using a sealer from the EASYSeal range: EASYSeal SSP, Ultimate, Enhancer or Slate & Lime Sealer Enhancer all allow stone to breathe and will not trap salt deposits – thus avoiding those unsightly white stains. If the efflorescence is difficult to remove use EASY Efflorescence Destroyer before sealing it.

Note: Not all white deposits are Efflorescence, for hard calcium deposits you will need to use EASY Mortar Stain and Calcium Remover .

or any further information please do contact us via email or our helpline, also the online chat.


EASYSeal Range Comparison Chart (azpects.co.uk)

BCS Safety Data Sheet available here

BCS Download instructions here


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