EASYCare Garden Ornament & Statue Cleaner – 750ml Spray 1/2 Price Sale!!

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Azpects EASYSeal The Professionals Choice Range of Cleaners and Treatments to protect natural stone, concrete paving and driveways

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EASYCare Garden Ornament & Statue Cleaner – 750ml Spray



Cleans all Porous Stone & Concrete

An Excellent rejuvenator for heavily soiled garden Ornaments, Statues, Headstones & Masonry. A high performance non-solvent, non-acid cleaner, which completely removes natural soiling from all porous building materials. Will not damage natural/sensitive stone. Results can be seen quickly with improvements continuing for 24 hours. Generally revitalises all concrete and stone.

Can also be used to clean decking, fences and other timber structures.

EASY Ornament & Statue Cleaner provides ideal high performance cleaning. For lasting results we recommend the use of the appropriate sealer from the EASYSeal range.

  • Fantastic on garden ornaments, monuments and headstones.
  • Can also be used on fences and decking.
  • Contains no acids or solvents -will not damage natural/sensitive stone.



Ready to use 750ml Trigger Spray – Ideal for small problem areas


Features and Benefits

  • Used by professionals to remove build-up of contamination dirt and grime from ornaments and statues.
  • The cleaning process continues for up to 12 months after application.
  • Fast and Effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe on all natural stone and concrete

Brief usage instructions



  • Remove loose dirt, moss & other debris from the surface prior to treating.
  • Keep children & pets/animals away from cleaning process is complete and surface is dry.
  • Do not allow contact with clothes, or fabrics.
  • Do not use on gold, lead, silver lettering or bright metals.
  • Do not allow to come in contact with shrubs or grass.
  • Ideal operating temperature between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius.

As a guide ensure the surface is cool to touch.

  • Do not apply in damp/wet conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours of application.
  • Do not apply during frost or when temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. When used in cooler temperatures effectiveness may be reduced and longer cleaning time may be required.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Clean tools and other equipment with warm soapy water immediately after use.



  1. Apply generous saturated coat to a dry surface.
  2. Leave products to do its work, results show within 24 hours.




For any further information please do contact us via email or our helpline, also the online chat.




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