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Available in 350gm carton.

Eco Lawn seed is a special mix of seed requiring very little maintenance. The microlovers produce their own natural fertiliser feeding the grass to keep it healthy and green while their deep roots reduce the need for watering.


Ideal for the lawn owner who needs a beautiful lawn for minimum effort ECO Lawn will grow in almost all domestic situations. Perfectfoe wear tolerance, drought and shade it can be used for new lawns or oversown into existing one.

Species used:

Fine leaved dwarf Perennial Ryegrass. Strong Creeping Red Fescue. Chewings Fescue and Microclover.

Sowing dates:

Sow between March and October. Young grass will appear within 7 – 10 days under good growing conditions. Clover will appear within 21 – 28 days.

Sowing rates:

New Lawn 35g per sq. metre

Patching/overseeding 25g per sq metre

(Patch based on 45cm diameter area)

Mowing height:

New lawn: When grass is 5-8cm high, cut for the first time. Trim lightly and gradually lower blades to an ideal cutting height of 25cm. Subsequent cuts: Mow regularly but try not to remove more than a third of the growth at any one time.


Resistance to wear & tear:*****

Tolerance to drought:*****

Speed of establishment:*****

Suitability for shady areas:***

Fineness of appearance:***

Low Maintenance required:****



Germination times:
Young grass will appear within 7-14 days under good growing conditions but will take longer if the ground is cold. For best results, sow between March and October.

Patch & Repair 14sqm

Sown as new lawn 10sqm








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