Azpects EasyClickBase – A ground-breaking sub-base system – Black 1m2


EASYScape – Save time and money with sure – footed solutions for hard surfaces

Create strong driveways, paths and patios with less preparation, excavation and aggregate


EasyClickBase  – Black 1m2




It Saves:

It reduces time, labour and costs. With less excavation; less waste disposal; less aggregate

It’s Strong:

The new and innovative EASYClickBase is offers a new way to lay sub-base for strong patios, paths and driveways.


This lightweight, simple interlocking system is easy to transport and ideal for areas with restricted access.

How does it work?

Traditional methods of laying paving and driveways requires significant excavation and subsequent costly disposal of residual materials, plus the import of expensive aggregates.

EASYClickBase significantly reduces all these requirements whilst maintaining the integrity of the project.

Features & Benefits

The EASY click-together sub-base system

  • Quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods
  • Easy to transport and lay
  • Reduces the need for deep excavations and costly waste disposal
  • Requires minimal bedding aggregate
  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Reduces rutting on driveways

NEW EASYClickBase is ideal for…

Residential Applications

  • Driveways & parking areas
  • Patio & paths
  • Balconies
  • Roof Gardens
  • Courtyards
  • Pool Decks
  • Confined Spaces
  • Restricted Access
  • Town & City Gardens

Commercial Applications

  • Pedestrian areas
  • Industrial Driveways & parking areas
  • Parks & recreation area

EASYClickBase Tile

Spreading the load

Surfaces stay level for longer

EASYClickBase Load

Paved surfaces that are subject to heavy loads like vehicular traffic, over time, suffer the formation of ruts.

The interlocking EASYClickBase panels distribute weight dynamically over a larger area, thereby reducing the rutting effect and aiding a longer-lasting surface.

The EASY way to create strong sub-base for patios, paths and driveways

EASY ClickBase

A ground-breaking sub-base system…

Installation Guide

1.  Remove

Remove just enough soil to achieve the desired height of the final surface

EASYClickBase - Remove Soil

2.  Compact

Compact the soil to ensure a stable surface and cover with a geotextile membrane

EASYClickBase - Compact

3.  Level

Apply a thin layer of bedding aggregate to provide a level surface

EASYClickBase - Level

4.  Lay

Lay the EASYClickBase in a brick bond pattern

EASYClickBase - Lay

5.  Apply

Lay the desired slabs, blocks, bricks or paving

EASYClickBase - Apply

6.  Finish

Fill the joints with the appropriate Azpects jointing product

EASYClickBase - Finish

Independent testing

The following surfaces were compared side-by-side using a Falling Weight Reflectometer:

  1. Pavers on EASYClickBase on 25mm of aggregate
  2. Pavers on EASYClickBase on 25mm of aggregate with tile cavities also filled
  3. Pavers on 150mm of compacted coarse aggregate (UK 2/6 – USA #9)
  4. Pavers on 300mm of compacted coarse aggregate (UK 14/20 – USA #57)


And the winner is…

EASYClickBase scored an equivalent Impulse Stiffness Modulus (ISM) to both traditional surfaces. With the cavities filled with aggregate it was stiffer than both!


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Additional information

Easy Grid 1m (9 Tiles) Black

1 x Easy Grid 1m (9 Tiles) Black, 4 x Easy Grid 1m (9 Tiles) Black, 25 x Easy Grid 1m (9 Tiles) Black, 50 x Easy Grid 1m (9 Tiles) Black


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