Rompox Romex Easy Jointing Mortar

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Jul 24, 2017

Jointing Mortar / Patios


A good looking patio is about more than the tiles that you put down. It is about more than style and aesthetic, even if those are essential. You need a good jointing mortar when putting the patio together to make sure that it not only looks good, but that it stays in one pieces and remains durable, too. You want your patio to last the test of time and you want it to stay with you. You want to avoid major costs down the road, you want to keep the style that you chose today, and you want to avoid changes in appearance that could make the patio less appealing or less safe. Our range does all of this in a simple, effective manner. It is an essential piece of any patio build and you want to choose your product wisely. It is why brands like Jointex and Rompox are some of the best available for your patio needs. You can get the colour to match your patio, and you can trust that it will look beautiful and work exceptionally well. It is what your patio needs. Neutral, Sand Stone Grey and Basalt are available in both brands.


The Basics of Structure and Durability

A patio is not built by throwing stones or tiles on the ground and letting them sit – at least not a good patio. A patio requires stability and durability, and a lot more than just the tiles themselves. You have to make sure that, whatever you build, there is a good structure there. When the tiles go down, they have to stay there and stay there strong. They have to withstand weather and regular use, and they have to stay there for years to come. A good foundation and good products can manage this successfully. It is how you create a strong and high quality patio. Whatever you want your patio to become, you want it to stay with you for a long time.

Part of this is the jointing mortar. This goes in between the tiles. When it goes in between, it can keep water and other problems from going underneath the tiles. If water were to go underneath, it could cause rapid deterioration of the foundation. This results in cracks and weakening of the entire patio. It breaks down, it becomes unsafe to use, and it becomes costly to repair. The only way to avoid this is to have a high quality mortar. Jointex and Rompox are the choice for consumers and professionals.


Choosing which

Both Jointex sand stone grey and Rompox basalt for example, offer a variety of advantages. They are both easy to use, effective, aesthetically appealing, and high quality. You can choose based on which you prefer personally without worrying about loss in quality. They are both excellent options that will give you everything that you need out of such a product.


Colour Options

There are color options available to you. Both, including romex have several choices, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your patio. Light or dark, or in between, there is a colour that you will adore and that will match your patio beautifully.

You can find colours that will match natural stones and modern patios alike. The jointing compound can fit with your overall design perfectly. It can even stand out on its own, or you can use it to blend everything together. Whatever aesthetic difference you want out of jointing mortar, it can do it. The colours look spectacular, and keep that appearance for a long while. With regular upkeep, your patio will remain beautiful.


Using the Mortar

Actually using is simple. You do not need to be a professional or expert at all. In fact, you can do this even if this is your first patio build. It takes little effort and time to do well. It applies evenly and quickly, and then dries in a short amount of time, depending on the weather. Once dried, it will remain in good condition so long as you take care of the patio. Both brands are incredibly straightforward and simple to use.

To use, you will have to empty a bag on to the wet patio. Using a broom, start pushing it into the cracks between the tiles. Do this until it has filled the entire patio fully. Thanks to the sand-like consistency, this should be no problem for you. It moves without any effort put into it. There is no need to bend down or exert a lot of effort. A broom can move it around as it would regular sand.

Do not worry about excess – that is normal. The excess mortar is swept away. Using the broom and a hose, you can have the rest of the mortar cleaned out. After removing all of the excess, you wait for it to dry. This does not take long, usually around a day, but it does depend on the weather.

There is nothing else for you to do. Really! Our jointing mortar range is one of the simplest products to use. It is a sand-like product that takes no effort or time to apply, and it dries and finishes cleanly. You do not need any special talents or skills or knowledge, or even equipment. A broom, and a hose are all you need. Anyone can begin using it without any worries or concerns.


Buy It Today

Whatever type of patio you own and whatever mortar you want, you should buy it right away. Finish your patio cleanly and beautifully with the perfect finish. It will add aesthetic value and longevity to your patio with ease. Using it is a cinch, there are no downsides, and there is a lot for you to gain. With the colour options available, for both Jointex easy 15Kg or 25Kg and also Rompox easy 15Kg, you should have no trouble getting started today. Prices are affordable and is easy to use right out of the box. Use it and watch your patio transform. It is one thing that every patio needs as a finishing touch.

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