Patio Finish

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Dec 8, 2015 |

Finishing a garden patio:

Whether you are putting in a garden patio for the first time were looking for a way that you can seal up your garden patio for the winter or for long term. One of the best tasks that you can do to finish off a garden patio is with the help of jointing mortar. Jointing compound like Jointex is extremely useful for filling in the cracks in your patio as well as making sure that it remains strong and set over many years. When you simply leave the patio open to the elements this can lead to a number of concerns like cracked patio stones, moving bricks as well as the chance for interlocking bricks and stones to raise up offering unsafe conditions for anyone walking or enjoying your patio.

Jointing mortar like Jointex can also prevent a number of serious issues like weeds and vegetation from making its way up through the cracks in your patio and causing concerns like fully cracked bricks. Replacing failed mortar or filling in spots with touchup mortar is simple and helps to prevent serious damage and concerns with your natural stone, concrete or brick patio.

If you have to replace old mortar you can take a simple paint scraper and try to clean away the old cracked mortar as best you can to fill in the mortar with fresh jointing mortar that will set and provide you with a much stronger hold. Is one of the easiest methods that you can use to strengthen your patio.

As far as feeling in a brand-new patio surface goes, Jointex makes the process as simple as possible. Simply set your patio stones so that they are on even ground and make sure that they have time to settle. From there you can simply mortar each of the stones together to prevent growth, cracking and movement. Filling in gaps and replacing old mortar as needed ensures that the patio retains its strength and durability.

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