Laying A Patio

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Oct 29, 2015

Laying a Patio, Using Joining Mortar to Finish

Jointing mortar UK is a firm which is known for its high quality Jointex. If you are considering converting a part of your garden in to a patio, our team can help out with the best solutions. Here is what you can do to convert part of your garden in to a patio; we will provide you with the best joint compound you can get.

To layout a patio, follow the following steps:

Marking out the area

To begin with, you need to identify the area in your garden that you want to turn into a patio; you can do so by marking that area with a chalk or any other similar product. Before you begin digging the area, make sure that you are doing so on a safe distance with the trees around, to avoid any accidents.

Digging the area

Using a shovel, dig down about 10 cm throughout the area you have marked. Keep on rolling the turf strips; use pegs to mark the area.

Make the process safe

Make sure that you are wearing gloves and glasses that have been designed to protect you throughout the process. To tip your sub base use the material that you feel is best; it can either be stone or broken pieces of brick. This will give you a solid foundation; if the area you are considering for making a patio is large use plate compactor to make the process quicker. Use sharp sand to cover the area and rake to level it in the end.

Laying the patio

Choose a corner to start laying your slabs; mix a good quantity of cement and place it in five portions on the area covered by the slab. Make sure that the portions are placed on each corner and one in the middle to ensure its strength. Wet your slab from one side and place it; to make sure that it is fixed properly push it further with an hammer or even a piece of timber.
Ensure that the slabs have space to expand when the weather changes and does not get damaged. Lay all the slabs and keep a uniform distance between them. If the intended look for the patio is more contemporary, place the slabs at angles to avoid giving it a uniform look.

Leave to dry

After you finish laying the entire patio with slabs, leave to for at least 48 hours, enough time to dry and strengthen.

Securing the joints between slabs

To secure all the joints between slabs you need to create a mortar mix which is dry and includes one part of cement and three parts of sharp sand. Use this mixture to brush all the slabs two to three times before considering them secure enough. To set the finished patio, water it with a watering can.

Hope this helps as a basic guide, please do contact us for any further information or questions.

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