Jointing Mortar and Stontex Partnership

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Mar 8, 2017

Stontex Products for Sale

We have been Britain’s source of patio sealer supplies and patio cleaning and restoration materials for years, and now we are proud to announce that we have begun distributing the Stontex brand of patio products.  Since our online store opened, we have been specializing in the Jointex brand of jointing mortar.  Jointex jointing grout is designed not only to be easy to install but also to be durable and not to show dirt easily, thus making patio cleaning easy.  It speaks to the ease of cleaning patios finished with our products that neutral, the lightest shade of the grout, is our most popular shade, accounting for more than 80 percent of our sales.  That said, all patios need to be treated with patio sealer, and all patios need to be cleaned sometimes.  Stontex products make it easy to keep your patio clean and well-maintained.  Keep reading to find out about the patio cleaning products that you can buy and what they can do for your patio.

What Does It Mean to Seal a Patio?

Sealing a patio means applying one or more protective coatings of patio sealer chemicals to the stones and jointing grout of the patio.  The purpose of sealing the patio is to protect it from water damage, stains, discoloration, mold, and algae.  You might not think of stone and brick surfaces as being vulnerable to water damage, because they are so much stronger and more durable than some other materials, but water can get into the little cracks in the jointing mortar and seep into the porous stone tiles of the patio; almost all types of rocks are at least a little bit porous even if they do not look that way on the surface.  Mold can grow in these small spaces, further compromising the structural integrity of your patio materials, and even leading to a moldy smell.  Of course, it is not possible to keep an outdoor patio from having any contact with water.  Rain, melting snow, and even patio cleaning can lead to water damage to a patio that has not been sealed.

The ideal time to apply patio sealer products like Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer is when the patio has just been installed, so that you can prevent water damage to your patio before it happens, and also so you can make patio cleaning easier when it comes time to clean your patio.  Even if you have had your concrete and stone patio for a long time, it can still benefit from a patio sealer treatment.

How to Seal Your Patio

In order for a patio sealer treatment to be effective, you must first person a thorough patio cleaning in several stages before applying the sealer.  The first stage is to scrub the stones of the patio and the jointing grout between them with a stiff brush in order to remove any dirt that is on the surface of the patio.  Of course, if all dirt and stains on patios could be removed with a brush, then patio cleaning would not be nearly as big of a job as it is.  The next step in preparing to apply a patio sealer is to remove the more difficult stains such as rust, oil, and traces of paint from previous paint jobs.  For rust stains, you can use Stontex Professional Cleaners Rust Off, which you apply to the stained area of the patio and leave for five to ten minutes before washing it off; you can repeat the Stontex Rust Off treatment several times if necessary, since you should make sure that the stains are completely removed before you apply the patio sealer.  For grease stains, scrub them with a patio cleaning detergent or grease solvent.  If the grease has got below the surface and into the porous parts of the jointing mortar or stones, you might need to use a solution of muriatic acid to dissolve and remove the stain.  You must rinse of any patio cleaning products you have used with clean water and allow the patio to dry before putting on the patio sealer.

After you have prepared the patio, choose a time to apply the patio sealer.  Choose a time when no rain is predicted for the three days after you have sealed the patio and when the temperature outside is between 41 and 86 degrees is best.  Apply the sealer, using a bug sprayer or similar spraying device, starting at the far corner of the patio and working toward the door of your house.  Allow the first coat of sealant to dry overnight and then apply a second coat the next day.  Wait a full 48 hours until the second coat of Stontex patio sealer has been applied, and then rinse the patio with water.  Ten days after you have applied the first two coats and rinse the patio, apply a third coat of patio sealer, either using a bug sprayer or a brush again.  After this third coat has dried, your patio will be well protected from the elements and will hold up well against water and patio cleaning products.

About Jointing Mortar UK

We are an online store supporting professional home and garden contractors as well as people undertaking DIY patio restoration products.  We carry a full line of Jointex jointing mortar products and Stontex patio cleaning products and sealants.  Our knowledgeable staff, stone doctors can answer your questions about which products best suit the project you are doing and can answer your questions about how to use them and about the safety guidelines regarding their use.  We have a great appreciation for the stone and brick patios of Britain’s public buildings and private residences, and our goal is to help make your DIY project or patio renovation small business as affordable as possible.  Whether you are doing a simple patio cleaning or installing a whole new patio, you can find everything you need at Jointing Mortar UK.

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