Jointex Jointing Mortar

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Jointex jointing mortar grout is a fantastic, easy and simple to use product, with an amazing finish and look.

It can be used on all residential patios, pavements, paving, courtyards, concrete and driveways including difficult to look after applications. Especially for use near obstacles for example parking places, trees, outside furniture etc. It is a great product which enhances weed control, within the joints and gutters. It really does show off a good patio/driveway with your desired choice of colour – natural, sand stone grey or basalt.

Polymeric Mortar

The polymeric mortar is easily applied, please see our “How To Use Page”. It really is the best and simplest option. Once applied and in place the grout begins to go off and harden. This then of course creates a very strong joint, which is permeable and stops weeds coming through. Jointex easy will now stay in the application, with its original colour for years, it is covered by a five year guarantee.


Fantastic finish far superior to standard jointing mortar

3 Colours

Easy to use – just brush in, no bending required or down on your

Ready to use – comes mixed, ready to go, just split the bag when fully ready

For joints from 6mm in width and not less than 20mm in depth

Permeable which allows water to drain away, permanetly

Weed resistant

Frost proof

Pedestrian proof

Bonds to paving

Working life of several hours before setting

Very durable, pressure washer proof

Jointex Easy the market manufacturer leader both in the UK and Europe and is the preferred choice of the professional landscaper. Leading the market in polymeric jointing mortars, a full range is available please contact us for further information:-

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Downloadable Technical Specification Sheet For Jointex:-

Jointex Technical Specification