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Joint It Simple To Your Rescue

We all know what joint mortar otherwise called mortar joint is and how important it is to your driveway, patios and gardens. As little as it is, the quality of the material used in the little spaces between your pavers can make all the difference that decides between a great floor finish and one that is just gross. Horrible sights like cracks and fissures as a result of a low quality joint mortar compound can be improved with this supreme quality product. Introducing the Joint it Simple, your patio, driveway, gardens etc. can now enjoy an excellent finish.

Joint it simple has been influenced by the need to keep improving on the quality of products available in the market today. Although every product of this brand has been engineered to meet the markets best standard, the Joint it provides you with a little bit of extra. As the Uk’s number 1 online supplier of Jointex and Rompox, this has just struck the market with a timely epiphany that is simple to use, highly effective and guarantees the highest quality.

Different shades

It is available is available in three different colours. The neutral, grey and the dark grey. No matter what shade of this mortar you are getting, the quality remains intact. These shades can be used for all the types of jobs available including the following;

Grooved joint

Works perfectly for your grooved joint and the end result is that you will have the best patio in the neighbourhood. The grooved joint also known as rolled or concaved joint is usually created with the aid of a curved steel joining tool. Its receding status and tight seal feature requires a high quality mortar joint to make it very resilient and highly optimized for moisture penetration. This calls for the use of a high profile joint mortar and the Joint it Simple remains your best choice. The grooved joint is good for masking tiny irregularities and should be crafted to an optimum depth of 6mm following the initial stiffening. In the grooved joint, tooling should be importantly delayed if you are aiming to achieve a tight waterproof joint horizontally and also necessary to achieve a fine finish. The best practice is to ensure that to get the best out of your Joint it Simple mortar, all slurry covered bricks should use a grooved joint type.

Weathered Joint

This is an exceptional joint that begs for a premium quality mortar like joint-it. Here, the sand proceeds to form a joint that looks recessed right from the top to the base. It will  help optimizes the efficiency of the weathered look design to produce a brick work tidy and aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Although this gap isn’t as water-tight as the grooved type a top product is all that is required to make it efficient in all walls and floors. The weathered joint should only be tooled after the initial stiffening has taken place. For the best result after the application of your joint it simple mortar, the tooling should most vitally be delayed in order to achieve a tight weatherproof in a horizontal and particularly vertical joints.

Veed Joint

The Veed joint is formed with a pointer that is V-shaped. It is highly efficient for masking tiny irregularities. The Veed joint when used with a premium quality joint mortar results in a good joint that is highly weathertight. To get the best of your mortar in your Veed joint design, you should ensure that tooling is done to a maximum depth of 6mm after the initial stiffening has taken place. Just like most paving joints, it is highly necessary to delay tooling in order to ensure that horizontal and particularly the vertical joint produced is tight and weatherproof.

Raked Joint

The beauty of this type of joint lies it its mode of crafting, the compound is raked out then pointed and tooled in a depth that doesn’t exceed 6mm. For the best result, ensure that your sand compound is compacted to improve the weathertight performance of the gaps between each slab. The use of a premium quality product from us lets this design form a kind of ledge where water can store.

Extruded Joint

This is a special type of space bewteen that is formed without tooling. It is formed naturally by excess mortar squeezing out between the joints. A special design that centers around your compound requires a high-pitched mortar to match and that’s exactly where the Joint it Simple mortar comes in. It is important to use a top quality product because the exposed nature of the design makes the extruded parts prone to degradation and Joint-it  has been perfectly engineered to stand this test.

Joint it simple is simply adaptable to all

In most cases, the type of brick or slab chosen usually goes a long way in determining which product will work best. The beauty of our new range is that it has been perfectly engineered and optimized by Jointex professionals to ensure that it combines perfectly with your choice brick resulting in an elegant and exquisite look.

In all types of cases, the amount of product required is usually dependent on the depth, width and length of the joint. This is furthermore a function of the paving slab and the general practice for a standard paving slab is approximately 12 Sq km/15kg.

You are advised to purchase slightly more than is required to ensure that you don’t run out during your work. The beauty of purchasing from us is any sealed and unused tub can be returned for a refund if it is no longer required, also even rompox easy can be returned for a refund.

Our range is ready mixed and permeable, it has been created with an adequate knowledge of times and seasons and can be applied in all weathers.

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