How To Use Jointex

15Kg Jointex

Ready To Use Jointex

We supply in 15kg tubs, the product is an RTU (ready to use, completely mixed). Once ready open the tub, the jointing mortar is in a vacuum sealed plastic. Only open the plastic when you are ready, once the product is exposed to air it will begin to cure and you need to work it.

Jointex 1 (1)

jointex2 (2)

Tip – Power wash the area before use.

Wet the complete area which is going to be worked with cold clean water, this minimises any possible staining (staining always goes, in a short time, days depending on weather), don’t over do it with the water, however make sure it is really wet. Open the pack, out of the tub and spread evenly out.

The joints need to be free from previous debris and clean of course (tip above), ideally they are required to be at least 20mm deep and no less than 6mm wide.

Now use a squeegee or soft brush to spread as evenly as possible into the joints, simple. Work across the complete area, then brush away any leftovers once all joints are full.

Tip – Now spray (after about 20 mins) with a soft spray hose end over the joints, this just makes sure all the jointing mortar is settled in full.

jointex4 (2)One last sweep with the soft brush over the whole area again, a final check making sure every single joint is completely full. If required you can tool the joints, depends on the look required and your own taste. You can give a final soft spray with the hose again, just to clean, however be careful with drainage, this is not necessary.


Now leave to cure, this takes between 20 and 30 hours. The give the whole area a soaking again and a full dry brush off.


Joints Grouted – Job Done

jointex5 (2)

Any questions or advice please do contact us, the above is meant as a guide, full instructions are included on each tub and please do watch the Jointex video below………………..