How To Repair A Patio

How to Repair a Patio

A patio is the perfect place for playtime with family, talks with friends, BBQ fun, and just relaxing. There is a lot that you can do in that outdoor space. This is why it must remain in top condition at all times. If you cannot keep it in such condition, you cannot enjoy it as much as you would like. If there is damage or concerns with the patio, you have to make sure that you repair it immediately. Do not allow any damage or issues to continue. If you do, they could worsen or they could leave your patio space completely unusable. Luckily, there are ways to do a repair job yourself. As long as you have the necessary products, you can manage it. This includes any necessary replacements, items to remove the bricks or stones, sand, and jointing mortar. There are a few things that you need. Make sure that you rely on high quality products, like jointex, throughout the entire job. This ensures that the job is a high quality one and that the results are reliable. Your new patio should not suffer from the same problems it does now if you do the job right the first time.

Step 1: Understanding

Before you can go forward with any repair job, know the problem. Having an understanding of the situation at hand is crucial. You cannot make accurate calls about the job or choose the appropriate products if you do not know what is wrong. You can have a professional look it over if you want a second opinion or you can go with what you know. Generally, this is straightforward and will not need complicated work. You just want to make sure that you know the problem so that you can gather the equipment and products that are required for the repair.

Step 2: Get Everything Ready

Get the products that you need ready in an area close by that will undergo no work. Make sure that any replacements you have and your tools are ready to go immediately. When you finish up, make sure that you have prepared your joint compound. It is easy to prepare so this step should not take too long for you.

Step 3: Deconstruct

When you have everything ready, start removing the problem pieces. Wherever there is damage, remove the pieces from the area. If you plan to reuse the bricks or stones, then watch out for damage. Try to remain as clean and gentle as possible. If you want to put in new pieces, though, then just chip away at what is there. If it is possible to remove the items cleanly, then always choose that method. It reduces clean up time and it means there are fewer issues around your property. Anything salvageable can go into the reuse pile or you can start new.

Step 4: Make It Better

Once the stones, tile, bricks, or other patio material is cleared away, you can see the problem. When you can see the problem, you can begin fixing things. Start by removing anything unwanted and putting in some fresh sand. Make sure that you have sand fit for patio work. Lay the sand in the area, enough to where whatever you lay is slightly raised against what currently sits. Smooth everything out. Make sure that there are no bumps. Using what you will lay, check to see that it is level throughout the entire area. You can use one brick or stone or tile along with a tape measurer or anything long enough to stretch from both sides. See to it that everything lines up perfectly.

Step 5: Begin Putting the Pieces Back Together

With the sand down, you can start putting everything back. Lay down each piece and hit it gently with a hammer for patio work, not a metal one for nails. You want something that will not cause damage. Using the hammer should put everything back on the same level and create a nice, snug fit. Continue to do this with every piece until your patio is back in shape.

Step 6: Finish It Off

When your patio is back in one piece, you can start using the jointing mortar. Jointex is easy to use, no matter the colour you chose. Following the simple directions, get the mortar ready and start applying it on the patio. Make sure that you cover all areas of the newly repaired patio for a clean and attractive finish.

When done, let everything draw and settle. Your patio is now ready to use. It looks brand new and has no previous signs of damage. You can keep a strong hold on all of the pieces while making your patio look even better. It is a simple, reliable, and effective fix for any of your patio problems.

At the end of the day, look after your patio, when the sun comes out you will want to use it.