Evergreen Compost

Evergreen Compost Range of Growing Media

Trees around the house can be very good. Aside the shade it provides, some others (like flowers) beautifies the environment, provide fragrance to enhance fresh air intake, reduces the circulation of polluted air and as well improve the oxygen presence within the surrounding area. Indeed, the benefit of plants around the home is innumerable. As lovely as keeping plants around the home could be as we’ve identified, it is very difficult to maintain especially to a non-horticulturist. Essential to the healthy and unhindered growth of any kind of plant around our home is a well-nourished soil upon which such plant is planted. Quality of soils could reduce and ultimately impair the growth of any given plant. To maintain a healthy living plant that is essential for a healthy living household, the foundation for the growth of such should be with the aid of a growing media.

What is Growing Media?

A growing media in its most simple definition can be described as a material; other than the original soil composition on the planting spot, upon which plants are grown, and which aid the healthy growth in plant as rightly used in the horticulture industry. Sometimes referred to as “substrate” or “potting soil”, growing media contain a range of elements which is suitable for the growth of a wide variety of plants including vegetables, fruits, floriculture ornamentals, tree and shrub ornamentals and speciality plants. Its functions however includes: –

  1. Provision of an ultimate rooting environment to enhance physical support for plants.
  2. Make provision for the storage of air essential for plant root growth and functioning.
  3. Absorbs and retain water, and also make it available to plant as at when needed.
  4. Due to its numerous compost compositions, growing media provides the essential nutrients required of plant roots to enhance proper plant growths.

Range of Growing Media

Plant species no doubt differ considerably in their need for water and nutrients essential to enhance the best growing condition. This therefore explains its need for different kinds of growing media available in the horticulture market, the best of which is the evergreen compost range of growing media with different substrates essential for different purposes.  For young trees and shrubs, a substrate with wood fibres or bark is often used as it provides more physical stability to plants. Clay on its part is most suitable for plants with high water requirement since it has the capacity to store water much more than any other type. But for plants with little water requirement, perlite is a more suitable material used to enhance the drainage of water.

The Evergreen Compost Composition and Product Types

The evergreen compost range is the product of Evergreen Horticulture, an established and reputable horticultural manufacturer of exclusive growing media products with composition of several kinds among which includes bark, clays, coir pith, green compost, black peat, white peat, perlite, rice hulls, sand and grit, wood fibres among others.

For gardeners who seek to make the best of seedlings at any point in time, below are the evergreen products recommended for use: –

  1. Evergreen High Quality Plant Grow Bag: – this is a bag made from quality irish sphagnum moss peat combined with that of evergreen fertilizer mixed inside large enough for 4 plants and ideal for fruits, vegetables and flowers. The evergreen grow bags is suitable for use in greenhouses, conservatories, balconies or patios.
  2. Evergreen Decorative Chip Bark: – this product consists of large bark chips that provide a unique and decorative background to plants, shrubs and play areas. Aside being used for decorating paths and borders, it also acts as weed suppressant and minimises garden maintenance.
  3. Evergreen Ericaceous Compost: – this is a compost specifically formulated to suit all lime hating plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Heathers. It is ideal for potting and re-potting, for outdoor planting and for use in containers and tubs.
  4. Evergreen Farmyard Manure: – it contains rich and wide range of minerals and nutrients produced from composted farmyard waste which makes it perfect for enhancing existing soil with poor structure or low nutrient level. It adds rich organic matter into the soil, improves its structures, textures, soil aeration and water retention.
  5. Greendays John Innes no 1 Compost: – ideal for pricking out or potting-up young seedlings or rooted cuttings. It has carefully balanced nutrient content to suit young plants and enhance their growth. It is the perfect choice to make a young garden thrive.
  6. Greendays Greendays John Innes no 2 Compost: – this is suitable for general potting of most house and vegetable plants into medium sized pots or boxes. Its nutrient level doubles that of John Innes 1 to suit established plants for everyday nourishment and support.
  7. Greendays John Innes no 3 Compost: – it is a richer mixture than the previous two suitable for final re-potting of gross feeding vegetable plants and for mature foliage plants. It is also ideal for shrubs and interior planters, or outdoor containers. Its blend of sandy loam, peat and fertiliser makes it a perfect addition to plants that have been well established in houses and gardens.
  8. Greendays John Innes Seed Sowing Compost: – this is the best choice for sowing seeds. It contains a medium level of peat to ensure better, more consistent growth, improved moisture and nutrient retention. Its balanced water holding capacity and aeration makes it perfect for a healthy root system.
  9. Evergreen Multipurpose Compost: – this product offers a flowable uniformed structure. Contains perfect balance of nutrients and are ideal for seeds, cuttings, potting, hanging baskets, containers and outdoor planting.
  10. Evergreen Multipurpose Compost with John Innes: – it is an ideal multi-purpose loam based compost comprising of selected soil, sphagnum moss peat and john innes. The john innes fertiliser increases water and nutrients retention and is ideal for bedding plants, pot plants and shrubs.
  11. Evergreen Top Soil: – this is a fertile loam based soil with a high content of organic matter ideal for making or building up raised beds where existing soil is poor or replacing soil that is tired and unsuitable for replanting. It adds volume to beds and conditions soil.

Advantages of Using Growing Media

  1. High yields can be achieved on a limited area.
  2. Better control over Irrigation and fertilization.
  3. Easier disinfection.
  4. Recycling of drainage water is possible.
  5. Growing media can be used as an alternative to an inadequate soil.