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Here at Joint Mortar UK we are pleased to announce exciting news for the new year, we have added the complete range for easy joint to our range of compounds.

More information to follow very soon and keep an eye on the site developing more.

In the mean time please see below.

Testimonial for Azpects EASYJoint Paving Joint Compound From: Steve Canham, Paving & Driveway Contractor, Essex

I used EASYJoint for the first time on a driveway entrance in West Mersea, Essex. The driveway was constructed from 4000 granite setts, 100x100x50mm. The driveway serves two homes and an osteopath clinic; therefore is well used and a strong and durable pointing mix was essential.

I always use a damp 4:1 soft sand / cement mix, thoroughly packed into the joints, compressed and finished with a pointing iron. Never brushed in – I want the job to last more than 5 minutes. This of course is time consuming and tedious and with this particular job with that number of small fiddly setts, I was looking at the best part of a week for two of us to complete, and I can’t say I was looking forward to it!

I mentioned this whilst chatting with the landscape yard manager at Kent Blaxills in Colchester and he told me about this new product called Azpects EASYJoint and said how impressed he was with its strength, ease of use and looks. I admit I was sceptical as I have never been a fan of jointing compounds, in every instance they have disappointed – but after viewing the samples of EASYJoint I decided to give it a go.

When it was time to point the granite setts, weather conditions could hardly have been worse. Rain turning to sleet and occasional snow, windy and barely above freezing, conditions which would normally have seen me scurrying home, but EASYJoint works well on a wet surface, and was simply brushed into all the joints.

The joints were then sprayed with a hose to settle the compound in, left for about ten minutes and then quickly ran over with a pointing iron. The following day a light sweeping to remove the loose debris, and that was pretty much it!

Due to the cold weather it was slow to harden fully, but once the temperature rose the drying noticeably quickened. The end result looked very impressive, the colour was 100% consistent throughout every tub I used and the joints are rock hard and easily withstand the traffic.

Jointing Compound

EASYJoint is very easy to use, flows very easily into the joints and gives first class results. I can honestly say the hardest part about using EASYJoint was opening the tubs! I was able to use it in weather I would never have been able to use traditional sand/cement and instead of a job for two people for five days, it was done by one person in about six hours.

I was happy, my clients were very happy – from extensive paving around the house they knew how long pointing normally takes – so were happy with the savings as well as the results. I will be using EASYJoint whenever I can in future, and would have no hesitation in recommending it to any paving contractor.

Best wishes – Steve Canham

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