Driveway Jointing Mortar

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Sep 29, 2016

Jointing Mortar

A good patio or driveway does not just happen. As much as some people would like to believe that magic is at play here, it is not. You cannot wish a good patio or driveway to happen, nor can you leave a bad one to sit. You need to make sure that you have good materials and the ability, or the professionals, to make it happen yourself. While you might have an idea of what to do or you might know a good professional, you might not know the right materials. There are a few, including jointing mortar. This mortar keeps everything together and secure. It can make sure that your patio or driveway remains in good condition for longer. The plus that all homeowners will love is the chance in appearance. The colors available can give a significant boost to your property’s aesthetic appeal and value.

No Mortar, Big Problem

Some people may choose other options initially. For cost or effort, some options seem to make more sense – at least upfront. Gravel, as an example, may seem far easier to lay. You can put it down and put the pavers on top. You can just put the pavers in the dirt, too. As long as the pavers are there, that is all that matters, right? Well, not so much. You risk movement, causing them to be less secure. Not only that, but dirt and gravel do not look as nice as you might hope. That dream design of yours goes away without the right jointing mortar. This can change everything about the patio or driveway, no matter the pavers that you choose.

Over time, mortar will cost you less, too. You will not have to worry about movement or other problems popping up. That mortar is staying in place, keeping the pavers in place. It is security, both physically and financially.

Easy to Use

You might feel overwhelmed at the thought of using this because it sounds like a lot of work. If you are doing this yourself, anything new and anything technical might give you a headache. You are trying to get the best outcome with limited risks, and doing something extra seems counterintuitive. It is not, though. Truthfully, this is an easy product to use, regardless of past experience with building patios. You can go in on day one, never made a patio in your life, and see great results. The instructions are clear, the material goes down easily, and there are few steps to follow.

Nothing complicates the process at all. That is what makes mortar so widely appealing. People love the simplicity of it. If you are uncertain of what to do, you will not have to read through book after book to get an idea of the next step. Reading the instructions takes minutes and they will tell you everything, and all without a lot of setup or effort required. You can have this done in one day with mortar, and you can finish the job fully and cleanly.

If you would like to do designs with the pavers, you can. Jointex jointing compound remains easy to use, accessible, and reliable regardless of your plans. Its versatility in all situations is what makes it so invaluable. You can have a simple, straightforward design or you can go elegant and heavily detailed. Size does not matter, either. No matter the amount of pavers or the type, mortar will continue to work for you. It works exceptionally well in all situations.

You should make sure that you read the instructions completely before use. While easy and straightforward, you want to make sure that you remain safe and that you do this properly. Going by the manufacturer’s intended use and application is the best way to make that happen. Have a look also at Rompox or Romex, also easy joint, all great products nd easy to use.

Quality is Important

Quality should always be top priority, no matter what you buy. This is no different with jointing mortar. You want to buy something that will hold, that will keep its color, that will withstand the elements, and that will do its job. That does not have to be a problem for you. High quality mortar is readily available in the colors, container sizes, and usability that you would like. Prices remain affordable, too. You can begin using the product without struggling or searching around.

With high quality compound, you can keep the patio looking good through all weather conditions and use. Years can go by, with everything from heavy rains and winds to tanks using your patio, and you will not have to think twice about it. You should regularly clean and maintain the patio, of course, but the mortar will not break and fail under regular or heavy usage. It is one of the most reliable materials out there because it remains strong and maintains its appearance.

A Beautiful Finish

That appearance is something to love. Also our D1 product may not seem like much at first, but the results are stunning. With three colours available, you can find something that matches your patio. If you want a similar colour to or something that contrasts with the pavers, you can find a paver that works. It will produce a beautiful sight that will up the value of your home and that will make you like your patio much more. It is something that every homeowner wants. Thankfully, it is something that every homeowner can have, too.


Having a Pro

You can do the job yourself. The simplicity of RTU product makes the possible for anyone. However, if you would like to make sure that the job is a good one, you can have a professional come in and do it. Professionals use all of the time, relying on it for a gorgeous product. You can tell them the style, colour ad quality that you want and the paver design. They will work with you, helping you to have the perfect patio.


It does not matter how you go about this. If you want to update your patio, make sure that you have had a good look through our pages to get the best results possible. Using a pro or doing it alone, you want the advantages that only this product can offer.

Please do contact us for any advice.

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