Laying A Patio

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Oct 29, 2015

Laying a Patio, Using Joining Mortar to Finish

Jointing mortar UK is a firm which is known for its high quality Jointex. If you are considering converting a part of your garden in to a patio, our team can help out with the best solutions. Here is what you can do to convert part of your garden in to a patio; we will provide you with the best joint compound you can get.

To layout a patio, follow the following steps:

Marking out the area

To begin with, you need to identify the area in your garden that you want to turn into a patio; you can do so by marking that area with a chalk or any other similar product. Before you begin digging the area, make sure that you are doing so on a safe distance with the trees around, to avoid any accidents.

Digging the area

Using a shovel, dig down about 10 cm throughout the area you have marked. Keep on rolling the turf strips; use pegs to mark the area.

Make the process safe

Make sure that you are wearing gloves and glasses that have been designed to protect you throughout the process. To tip your sub base use the material that you feel is best; it can either be stone or broken pieces of brick. This will give you a solid foundation; if the area you are considering for making a patio is large use plate compactor to make the process quicker. Use sharp sand to cover the area and rake to level it in the end.

Laying the patio

Choose a corner to start laying your slabs; mix a good quantity of cement and place it in five portions on the area covered by the slab. Make sure that the portions are placed on each corner and one in the middle to ensure its strength. Wet your slab from one side and place it; to make sure that it is fixed properly push it further with an hammer or even a piece of timber.
Ensure that the slabs have space to expand when the weather changes and does not get damaged. Lay all the slabs and keep a uniform distance between them. If the intended look for the patio is more contemporary, place the slabs at angles to avoid giving it a uniform look.

Leave to dry

After you finish laying the entire patio with slabs, leave to for at least 48 hours, enough time to dry and strengthen.

Securing the joints between slabs

To secure all the joints between slabs you need to create a mortar mix which is dry and includes one part of cement and three parts of sharp sand. Use this mixture to brush all the slabs two to three times before considering them secure enough. To set the finished patio, water it with a watering can.

Hope this helps as a basic guide, please do contact us for any further information or questions.

Revolution Your Patio

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Oct 16, 2015 |

The Revolution of Your Patio from Jointing Mortar

Are you looking for a joining mortar that is easy and simple to use but of high quality? Jointex is one of the number one leading distributor companies that offers true innovative products. Their product will ensure you that you will get professional and perfect results once you lay your patio.
In the United Kingdom, most of the garden designs shows different types of paving to decorate their garden space to have their unique styles. Mortar can create different effects that will depend on how they will lay the patio. They also use some jointing grout, which is the compound. It has three different colours that you will need to make your job well. These are natural, basalt, and stone grey colours.
It will create exciting labor that will help you save money as well as innovative kerbing and paving. Therefore, if you are looking for a very effective pavement product for your weed resistant driveways and patios, Jointex would be the best for you. This jointing mortar has the best features to offer such as:
• There is need for traditional pointing with trowel
• Jointex has storage of long life compared to others
• It is a very cost effective type of jointing mix
• Quick and very easy to use
• Weed resistant type for your paving
• Frost resistant grouting
• Pedestrian proof
• Really bonds in paving
• Durable
• Is pressure washer proof
It will provide you a fantastic, simple and easy to use product that creates amazing look. This jointing mortar product can be applied in the different types of residential patios, driveways, concrete, courtyards, paving and pavements. It will create a unique look once you are done with the application especially near the obstacles. This jointing product will enhance the weed control within gutters and joints. It will really show off a good driveway and patio of your desired choice of color, which are the natural, basalt and sand stone grey.
This jointing mortar is very easy to apply for it provides simple options. If you apply it in the place where some grouts, it is so easy to harden the results to have a strong joint. Once it hardens, it will now stop the weeds from growing. The original color of this would last for couple of years and will not fade away easily. Due to this matter, landscapers chooses jointex easy.
How to use
This product is sealed in a plastic so once you open it, it requires you to work on it already.
• Before you start to apply the jointing mortar, make sure that your area is clean, free from dirt, oil and wet with cold and clean water for it will help to minimize any stain.
• There is a need for you to ensure that the joints in your area is clean and must be 20mm deep.
• Use soft brush or Squeegee to help you spread the jointing mortar into the joints evenly. Ensure that you work on the entire area and brush away any leftover once you already full all joints.
• Use a soft spray hose over joints to ensure that all jointing mortar is settled properly.
• Have a final cleaning. Provide last sweep with your soft brush in all the area to make sure that every joint has been completely full. With this step, it will ensure you that you will get the desirable result that you really want to have for your area.
• Leave if for about 20 up to 30 minutes to allow paving to dry out.
This will benefit you a lot such as the following:
• You will be provided with a ready to use supply
• It is very environmentally friendly that contains natural ingredients such as silica sand
• It sets hard
• Non – staining
• Resist the growth of the weeds
• Weather proof
• Water permeable
• Just needs brush and water in all joints to brush it off
• Can be used during different weather conditions
The setting time for this product should be about 20 degrees C of wet or cold weather to help you increase setting times while the dry and warm weather will decrease them. Jointex is a kind of jointing mortar that are oxygen and water cures. Therefore, for you to complete the curing process, your paving should be free from water for about 6 hours and for those pedestrian areas to have a safe walk, one must wait for about 8-16 hours for it to be hard and 3-5 days to completely bear fully load.
Moreover, there are also some precautionary measures you need to do while using a product like this. Here are the things you need to do to get the best result from the applications.
• It should be used according to the right directions and you should to avoid having bad looks in your paving appearance. However, if it is insufficient from water, it will leave some sheen on the top of your paving but this will disappear with weathering and time. Furthermore, it can also darken its color that can be possibly become permanent on how porous the stone is. There is also a chance that flecking will occur in some instances.
• Always ensure that you use small sample in your area for you to test.
• Your supplier or manufacturer will not accept liability in case there are some changes to the appearance of your paving.
• It can be used without water. However, it will leave sheen on the top of your paving.
You can now enjoy the new unique designs for your outdoor living area. You can now relax, have fun and be entertained by the beauty of your new paving. Choosing the right colour will ensure that you will the have perfect patio pavers that will surely compliment well in your home.

Our product will help in adding beauty to your home and enhance the look of your entire property that would increase its appeal and value.

Jointex Easy Neutral

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Oct 9, 2015

Facts about Jointing Mortar
Jointing Mortar is widely being used in every corner of the world as a jointing for pavements. It can be used for the joint process of pavement units that are constructed from a wide range of materials including paving bricks, concrete flags, granite setts, natural stone and clay. In fact, it is recognized as the best material available to fill the spaces in between concrete blocks or bricks.
Plenty of reasons are available for the modern world people to use jointex jointing mortar. All weather use, less wear and tear and environmental friendliness holds a prominent place out of them. A variety of companies in the modern world are engaged in the process of manufacturing Jointing Mortar. Jointex is one of the best companies out of them and can be considered as the leading mortar supplier in UK and Europe and they have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by offering a quality service for the people in need.
Why you should spend your money on rompox easy or similar
1. All weather use – You can think of jointing mortar compound in virtually any weather condition including rain and freezing environments. This has impressed many contractors across Europe because they have got the opportunity to work throughout the year and maintain a regular cash flow. In addition, they can guarantee to the customers and make sure that their projects will be completed on time. Therefore, we have brought a whole new dimension to the pave jointing industry in Europe. It is simple and fast to use. You can cure jointing mortar to a rock hard, frost and weed resistant finish. At the end of the day, you will be able to give a break to your back and knees because you don’t need to kneel.
2. Works perfectly well with rain or shine – If you use jointex easy 15kg, you don’t need to wait for few days until you see an improvement in British weather. This product is equally effective under both dry and wet weather conditions. You don’t need to go through the hassle of protecting your work from frost or rain afterwards. In other words, you will be able to get the job done with jointex neutral regardless of the weather. This has helped contractors to finish their work on time and impress their clients. It is ideal for both professional and DIY installers. You can easily stay away from the trouble that is associated with tricky pointing jobs. The non-staining properties of this kind of jointing mortar is the icing on the cake.
3. You can use it for any type of paving – jointex basalt jointing mortar is ideal for any type paving. Even the labor intensive task of jointing cobbles, setts or paving is a breeze.
4. Can be used without much hassle – From the recent studies, it has been identified that this is about 15 times faster than traditional mortar. It is also faster than other cementation based compounds that can only be brushed in. They will not get into all the voids and ants will tend to form nests in them. In addition, weeds and germinate within them and they will force their way onto the surface. But if you use jointing mortar, it will not be a major issue. 15Kg Sand stone grey offers an excellent customer support service that is backup up by a prompt email support service. You can contact them and clarify all the issues and doubts that you have in mind related to this product.
5. Environmental friendly – jointex jointing mortar is made out of all natural components. Therefore, it can be considered as a non-toxic product that cannot bring any negative effects to plant or animal life. Moreover, the packaging is completely recyclable. You will be able to save the unused product for later use. Therefore, this product is particular useful when moving from one job to another.
6. Suitable for both wide and narrow joints – You can even use any colour of easy for very low joint sizes of about 3mm wide. On the other hand, there isn’t any specific upper limit. Moreover, the joints should be about 25mm deep in order to use the compound. Even though this jointing mortar set very hard, it has the ability to retain the flexibility and facilitate room for slight movement. This will help you to stay away from the hassle that is associated with natural contraction and expansion under different weather conditions.
As you know, jointex easy is a very high performance jointing mortar available out there for the modern world people. It can be used for almost all the types of modular and natural stone paving. However, you need to mix it thoroughly with a high water content in order to experience the best results. Then you can easily work with the freely flowing slurry grout that makes any pavement cleaning process straightforward.
Since it is made out of all natural ingredients, you will be able to stay away from shrinkage problems, which are usually associated with polymer additives. The manufacturer has been able to obtain the optimum elastic modules along with high performance without using any chemical ingredients. This ensures all round proven quality to the users. Jointex jointing mortar can be purchased from the market at an affordable price and the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. Therefore, you can think about spending your money on this type, without any doubt on mind.

Jointex Jointing Mortar

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Jointing Mortar
Designing a garden space or any outdoor location requires the right ideas and products. One such product is Jointex, which is a highly trusted jointing mortar that we provide. Using this product for your outdoor spaces when laying tile, brick, stone, or similar materials is the smart choice. You can choose one of three colors, it is easy to use, it does the job exceptionally well, and it looks great once finished. You can use it fully and without worries, and you can see the quality of work that you expect once done. With the availability of this product, as well, any consumer can purchase it and start using it right away.
Laying a beautiful patio can make your outdoor space look exceptional. This is a pivotal part of the entire design, and the way it looks can have an immense impact on everything else. When you lay the patio, you want to make sure that you have everything just right. One way to do this that a lot of people prefer is a professional service. However, not everyone can afford such a service and not everyone wants to put the work in someone else’s hands. Jointex is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the professional results without actually going to the professional.

Rompox and romex are also a great product that we used to stock, jointex is now its replacement within our store.
You have three colour options available. These colour options are neutral, sand stone grey, and basalt. Neutral is the lightest and most common, the option you typically see used in patios. Sand stone grey is a little darker, and basalt is black. Their popularity and usage goes down with each one, but the quality and beauty of them remains the same. Choice depends on which one matches your design preferences. For most people, neutral fits the desirable appearance. You can decide this for yourself when putting together the design and choosing the material that you will lay for your patio.
One of the best parts of jointing mortar is that its usage is straight forward and simple. We provide a how to on using jointex, as well, to ensure that you understand the process fully. This how to goes over the jointex product so you do not have to worry about changes in usage between brands. As long as you follow the available steps, which are few and basic, you can see the desired results in your patio. The results are long-lasting and beautiful, and you can have everything done in a short amount of time.

What A result

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So pleased with the result, the weeds have been beyond a joke for so long now. This patio has been so hard to maintain, every kind of weed killer has been used and just standard jointing mortar.

We cleaned the joints, pressure washed and prepared. This took quicker than expected and than began the face lift.

We went from this:-


To this beautiful result, in no time at all:-


A weekends work, thats all, so simple and an outstanding finish with jointex

We will be looking at the side patio very soon.

Jointing Mortar – The Ultimate Patio and Paving Finish

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Jointing Mortar

If you have never done any masonry work prior to this it will sound complicated but it really isn’t. Jointing Mortar is simply filling in the spaces between the material you are putting together to create the finished desired look. Those materials can be stones, bricks or tiles. There are many others that can be used but those will be up to the individuals who are involved.

The material used for the mortar could be Jointing Grout, Jointex or a multitude of others. The look you want and the purpose of the masonry work will determine what the mortar should be. These materials are usually done in a variety of designs but the most frequently ones would be extruded, raked, concave, V, grapevine, flush, beaded and weathered.

For a mason to have a nice looking mortar joint they use what are called jointers or slickers, beaders or rakes. These tools are used to make the desired design the mason wants. This must be done prior to the grout becoming solid.

So for the sake of discussion, let’s say you are putting in a patio behind your home. Depending on what you want, you will most likely need to know about what type of look you want it to have when done. Will you be using stones, bricks, tiles, etc.? Once the material is decided upon, you need to know what type of bed it will be placed on.

The bed is the material under the decorative upper layer you have chosen. Most generally the bed will be either sand or concrete. Of the two concrete is the most expensive but the sturdiest. Depending on the end use of the patio these are generally all that will be under the upper layer. In some cases due to lawn conditions (such as excessive moisture) there could be other layers in the bed.

Once you have your bedding down you will be ready to lay the tiles of the patio. There are a great many considerations that have to be worked out as you go through this process. You want it to be perfect and you need to really work hard to achieve that goal.

There are three main kinds of joint you will be doing. Those would be butt, close and open. This is a short description of those methods:

• Butt jointing – This is where there is actually no joint. The tiled units are directly in touch with each other or ‘butted together’.
• Close jointing – There is a very narrow joint spacing in the area of 1-5 mm. The tiled pieces are very close but not actually touching.
• Open joints – These joints are wide and the area must be filled with a Jointing Grout such as a resin mortar or cement.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of These Types of Jointing are as Follows:

Butt Jointing

1. No Jointing Mortar needed
2. No labor required to do jointing
3. No staining from jointing compound risk involved


1. No cushion between tiles
2. High risk of spalling of tiles
3. There is no interlock

Close Jointing

1. No real skill needed to install
2. Prevents spalling
3. Inexpensive
4. Provides great interlock
5. Easy maintenance and repair of tiles


1. Needs occasional minor maintenance
2. Tendency to become infested with weeds
3. Materials become unbound and loose

Open Jointing

1. Zero chance of spalling
2. Tiles are held firmly in position
3. Provides good definition between Jointing Gout an tiles


1. Skill level higher for an organized look
2. Requires a binding such as Jointex for better results
3. Both cement and Jointing Mortar prone to cracking
4. Impedes access if repairs or maintenance necessary

Now you have both the tiles and the bed done and you are ready to bind it all together. You will either be using cement, sand or something else to bond the tiles. Perhaps you want to check out the epoxy based resins? They have a great record of bonding and durability. When you include a filler material they become a very viable alternative to the cement mortars the industry has used for centuries.

Typically you will find that an epoxy resin is more expensive. However they have been coming down with their increased usage and are quite reasonable today. Two of the most popular resin based mortars are the slurry grout and the semi dry brush–in often referred to as a polymeric. The slurry grouts are much stronger and more suited to places of open vehicular traffic, large driveways and public areas. The brush-in should be used in less used pedestrian places, patios and perhaps homeowner driveways.

Once your patio is completed you will have a great place for having friends over, parties, and family gatherings. You will have a wonderful sense of pride every time you look at it. That’s not to mention the satisfaction of having done it yourself.