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1 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg
1 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg
5 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg (100Kg)
10 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg (200Kg)
20 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg (400Kg)
40 x Jointex Biosand 20Kg (800Kg)
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Downloadable Technical Specification Sheet For Biosand:-

Biosand Technical Specification

Biosand, basically, is a unbound joint filling material for residential pavements/patios. An added feature of weed resistant is a fantastic addition. Every granule of sand is covered to raise the acidity of the product to point, stopping weeds.

How to:-

  • The empty joints should be completely filled with the BioSand to a level of 2mm below the surface of the paving on the new pavement.
  • On existing jobs, remove any existing weed growth and plants along with any existing jointing sand. Clean completely and allow to dry.
  • Jointex BioSand is an RTU (ready-to-use product). No mixing just open the 20Kg bag then pour over the pavement to be treated and filled. Brush carefully across the patio/pavement and of course fill the joints.
  • Fill to 2mm under the surface, use a compactor tool to settle, gently with a cushion base added.
  • Then brush away excess material, must not be left.
  • Over the next few days/weeks keep the joints topped up, they will settle completely in time, ensure to keep some biased spare for this.
  • Handy hint – allows apply in dry weather conditions
BioSand Coverage – joints 3-5mm  L mm W mm D mm kg/m2 m2/pack
 Setts – Sawn edge  Granite Basalt Slate 100 100 25 3.6 5.6
 Sandstone Limestone 200 100 25 2.7 7.4
200 200 25 1.8 11.1
 Flags & Slabs  Natural Stone sawn edge various 560/600 22 0.8 25.6
 Concrete square edge 450 450 50 1.6 12.5
 Block Paving – Concrete/Clay  Standard blocks bricks 200 100 50 3.4 5.9
 Large format tumbled blocks 160 240 50 2.3 8.5

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