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Oct 16, 2015 |

The Revolution of Your Patio from Jointing Mortar

Are you looking for a joining mortar that is easy and simple to use but of high quality? Jointex is one of the number one leading distributor companies that offers true innovative products. Their product will ensure you that you will get professional and perfect results once you lay your patio.
In the United Kingdom, most of the garden designs shows different types of paving to decorate their garden space to have their unique styles. Mortar can create different effects that will depend on how they will lay the patio. They also use some jointing grout, which is the compound. It has three different colours that you will need to make your job well. These are natural, basalt, and stone grey colours.
It will create exciting labor that will help you save money as well as innovative kerbing and paving. Therefore, if you are looking for a very effective pavement product for your weed resistant driveways and patios, Jointex would be the best for you. This jointing mortar has the best features to offer such as:
• There is need for traditional pointing with trowel
• Jointex has storage of long life compared to others
• It is a very cost effective type of jointing mix
• Quick and very easy to use
• Weed resistant type for your paving
• Frost resistant grouting
• Pedestrian proof
• Really bonds in paving
• Durable
• Is pressure washer proof
It will provide you a fantastic, simple and easy to use product that creates amazing look. This jointing mortar product can be applied in the different types of residential patios, driveways, concrete, courtyards, paving and pavements. It will create a unique look once you are done with the application especially near the obstacles. This jointing product will enhance the weed control within gutters and joints. It will really show off a good driveway and patio of your desired choice of color, which are the natural, basalt and sand stone grey.
This jointing mortar is very easy to apply for it provides simple options. If you apply it in the place where some grouts, it is so easy to harden the results to have a strong joint. Once it hardens, it will now stop the weeds from growing. The original color of this would last for couple of years and will not fade away easily. Due to this matter, landscapers chooses jointex easy.
How to use
This product is sealed in a plastic so once you open it, it requires you to work on it already.
• Before you start to apply the jointing mortar, make sure that your area is clean, free from dirt, oil and wet with cold and clean water for it will help to minimize any stain.
• There is a need for you to ensure that the joints in your area is clean and must be 20mm deep.
• Use soft brush or Squeegee to help you spread the jointing mortar into the joints evenly. Ensure that you work on the entire area and brush away any leftover once you already full all joints.
• Use a soft spray hose over joints to ensure that all jointing mortar is settled properly.
• Have a final cleaning. Provide last sweep with your soft brush in all the area to make sure that every joint has been completely full. With this step, it will ensure you that you will get the desirable result that you really want to have for your area.
• Leave if for about 20 up to 30 minutes to allow paving to dry out.
This will benefit you a lot such as the following:
• You will be provided with a ready to use supply
• It is very environmentally friendly that contains natural ingredients such as silica sand
• It sets hard
• Non – staining
• Resist the growth of the weeds
• Weather proof
• Water permeable
• Just needs brush and water in all joints to brush it off
• Can be used during different weather conditions
The setting time for this product should be about 20 degrees C of wet or cold weather to help you increase setting times while the dry and warm weather will decrease them. Jointex is a kind of jointing mortar that are oxygen and water cures. Therefore, for you to complete the curing process, your paving should be free from water for about 6 hours and for those pedestrian areas to have a safe walk, one must wait for about 8-16 hours for it to be hard and 3-5 days to completely bear fully load.
Moreover, there are also some precautionary measures you need to do while using a product like this. Here are the things you need to do to get the best result from the applications.
• It should be used according to the right directions and you should to avoid having bad looks in your paving appearance. However, if it is insufficient from water, it will leave some sheen on the top of your paving but this will disappear with weathering and time. Furthermore, it can also darken its color that can be possibly become permanent on how porous the stone is. There is also a chance that flecking will occur in some instances.
• Always ensure that you use small sample in your area for you to test.
• Your supplier or manufacturer will not accept liability in case there are some changes to the appearance of your paving.
• It can be used without water. However, it will leave sheen on the top of your paving.
You can now enjoy the new unique designs for your outdoor living area. You can now relax, have fun and be entertained by the beauty of your new paving. Choosing the right colour will ensure that you will the have perfect patio pavers that will surely compliment well in your home.

Our product will help in adding beauty to your home and enhance the look of your entire property that would increase its appeal and value.

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